Thursday, May 05, 2011

Buffs Stack Cheddar

You can't stop my riches, even if you got MC Hammer and those 357 bitches...

The Pac 12 and CU inked a major TV deal that banked some major coin for the member institutions:

-Larry Scott. Straight up gangsta. Brass. Pimp. Call him what you want but dude went in guns blazing and wrecked shop on the networks. It's hard to believe this cat used to be the head honcho at tennis. I'm not sure what tennis (Andre Agaassi's denim shorts organization) but he's carved out himself as David Stern-like muthafucka.

-One minus, although really minor, is that the games will be spread out over ESPN, Fox, FX, FSN, and Home Shopping Network. OK, I made the last one up, but the casual football fan might actually have to work to find out where the game is on.

-Everytime I see a story about CU and the Pac-12 I read/hear they "fit culturally." Keep it real, folks, that loosely translates to "they all smoke a lot of ganja."

-CU cannot get all crazy with this money and start building crazy additions, adding new sports, and buying gold plated waterbeds. Bank this cash through the honeymoon period with Jon Embree and Tad Boyle. Get a base of season tickets and donors. Supplement the existing sports (the ski and cross country teams are national caliber yet are housed in high school like settings) and give raises to worthy assistants. When that has settled, go ahead and install the massaging fingers in Folsom Field seats and buy Harleys driven by bikini models to shuttle the players up the practice fields.

-The SG's main concern looks to be satisfied: that every football game is televised. In a day and age of thousands of outlets, it was mind boggling that we had to sit around a radio and listen to a broadcast. The after-game fire side chats with FDR were cool, but I won't mind seeing those go by the wayside.

-IF (a big IF- is a "big if" called a "bif"?) they do go down the path of perhaps adding a new sport, baseball cannot be considered (the weather in the region makes it just too hard to get any sort of season that is consistent) and neither can hockey (Colorado had three NCAA tourney teams in the sport and the costs are through the roof. Plus there isn't any viable ice on the entire campus other than frosty beer mugs.) The one sport would have to be lacrosse, as Colorado is a huge youth lax market. Back when I was in high school (when lax sticks were made of T-rex bones) there was maybe five to seven high school lax teams. Now, I see the state tourney has 24 teams. There is tremendous boy and girl talent in state and a natural rival in emerging power DU just up the road.

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