Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Writing My Name In Grafitti On The Wall

I can give a damn about an ill subliminal...

The "wrting is on the wall" is an overused expression, so frequent in the blogosphere and in the papers. However, up in Boulder the proverbial writing on the wall is in day glo orange, illuminated with 500 watt bulbs, showcased by Bob Barker's old bevy of beauties, with MC Hammer's old hype man 2 Big MC giving it props.

(Seriously, has there ever been a more ridiculous dude in Hip Hop besides that dude? If MC Hammer was taking a shit, I'd like to see him hollering outside the john about how dope Hammer's crapping is: "Yo Hammer, you killing the toilet, get hyped! The poop is running iiiiiiiiit! Haaaaaaamer take a craaaaaap!")
The message: Dan, you better get it right, this year, or else.
Another indication came yesterday when AD Mike Bohn inked a deal to play in Columbus versus the Buckeyes for $1.4 million. Ohio State typically pays about half of that; but the Buffs won't require the Tressel Sweaters to return to Boulder or make another trip to Ohio. As Wyclef once said "one time!" - as in one visit to the Shoe, collect the scrilla and get the fuck outta there.
Just another $1.4 mill in Mike's pockets to pay off ol' Danny Boy if he manages to do what he has done thus far in Boulder in 2010: lose.
Who knows what is next for Bohn to collect more buyout money if the Buffs falter on the field? Hell, we might see him donating blood or pillaging the University dumpsters for cans. Whatever he decides to raise cash, the message is pretty damn clear, win some damn games, or you might see the Buffs sign to play the San Francisco 49ers just to get Dan's behind out of Boulder.
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