Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Melo Exit Plan

I make big money, I drive big cars
Everybody know me, it's like I'm a movie star...

There are so many levels of blame with Carmelo Anthony ready to leave the Nuggets that we need an elevator to navigate them all. The player, the agent, Team USA teammates, the wife, the current teammates, on down to the dude who cleans the locker rooms.
The folks down at Chopper Circle need only one floor to lay blame, and that rests squarely with team management.
But wait, isn't that the eternal oxymoron? Military intelligence. Nebraska scholars. Nuggets management. For months, maybe more than a year, no one really knows who is in charge of the Powder Blue Patrol (maybe it is the dude who cleans the locker rooms?) Think Melo sees a championship with a team where there's different voices telling him how great the Nuggets are? One week former player Rex Chapman is thrusting a extension to him and a week later the owner's son is the one making the call.
While the Knicks might not be the model of a stabile front office given their weird attachment to Isiah Thomas, they still have strong and well respected Donnie Walsh as GM and a vocal owner in James Dolan (and Spike Lee rocking a Melo jersey at the USA-France game on Sunday. Think Melo and his people don't notice that?) where the Nuggets owner hasn't said a public word since the waning days of the Clinton administration.
A strong front office would've started preparing for this years ago. Hmm, Melo is with a Brooklyn girl. Maybe we should do everything we can to take care of her, make her feel at home in Colorado. Hmm, we just got to the Western Conference Finals, arguably could've won the damn thing, maybe a five year extension while the vibe is hot is in order. How about the little things: a newspaper ad congratulating Melo after his gold medal, picking Melo's brain on assistants to bring in, finding some middle ground with Melo's homeboy JR Smith.
Key word there is strong front office. The Nuggets front office couldn't bench press the bar right now.
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Anonymous Spotwood said...

While I don't disagree with you on the management right now, haven't we basically hooked our chain to Melo's wagon for 7 years with no results?

What exactly has he gotten better at during that run?

Don't get me wrong, I like Melo, but I don't love him and I think Stan Kroenke feels the same way.

I've basically been prepared to lose Melo for a while now. He's been saying in his personal circles for 3 years that he doesn't want to be here, I'm not sure what the team could have done other than hiring his family as Nuggets execs (something Cleveland did btw, and it still didn't work).

Just do me a favor Nuggets fans, and don't write a song begging him to stay.

12:18 PM  
Anonymous calvin natty light said...

AI totally interupted Melo's growth, and Chauncey rescued that.

He was the best player not named Bryant in the 09 playoffs.

Dudes like him dont come thru Denver very often. Probably only two in history with coked out DT being the other.

While ads and cutesy ploys wouldnt get him to stay, I think his wife is the main reason he's going. Look at her act in Dallas during the playoffs! She's a drama queen and Melo is following her lead.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cant wait for the days of Bobby Jackson, Tariq Abdul Wahad, Raef, El Busto, Anthony Goldwire, Keon Clark, Kenny Satterfield, Skeeta, and those guys to come back. NBA ACTION IS FANTASTTTTIC

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Spotwood said...

Like I mentioned, he's been great here. But we're not exactly sitting here ready to topple the Lakers. I'm fairly sure that's at the root of his frustration, but does he really think he can go join Amare and compete with the teams Orlando, Boston and Miami are putting in the East?

I just don't understand the reasoning unless like Calvin said it's all about Lala.

10:08 PM  
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