Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Leaderless Nuggets

Now I'm the man with intellect, no one to disrespect
I kick a rhyme and make MC's wanna hit the deck...

Good Ship Nugget is now without its captain. Scratch that, SS Powder Blue is now without both of its captains. How appropriate since the franchise has been rudderless since the Lakers bounced them out of the Western Finals a year and half ago.

Both Mark Warkentein and Rex Chapman (in retrospect, what NBA team that fancies itself a contender has not one, but two decision-makers who don't talk to eachother? As Allen Iverson once said "I mean, how silly is that man?") will be cleaning their offices over the next few days. Hope Warkentein has some bubble tape to protect that NBA Executive of the Year plaque he got a couple seasons back

(In retrospect part II, Warkentein got way too much shine for trading an end-of-his-rope AI for Chauncey Billups, who also was fast approaching the "crafty veteran" status. Remember it was Warkentein who two and half years earlier traded for Iverson, which looked great on paper, but pretty much prevented the Nuggets from being an actual team for Iverson's entire stay.)

Now what are the folks at Chopper Circle left with? For one, Wark's main homeboy JR Smith should be stocking up on the change of address cards. Two, Melo's people should amp up the people from "Selling New York" to find him and LaLa that palatial pad in Midtown. And three, all current Nug personnel should start kissing the ring of Josh Kroenke, who will be thrust into more decision making (and eventually owning the team when his Pops becomes Sam Bradford's ball boy) and daily ops.

People seem to forget Josh Kroenke's most notable accomplishment in the hoops realm. Remember? He was the 22-year old college kid who brought Iowa State coach Larry Eustachy to the college party that got Eustachy fired in 2003. While swilling Natty Lights might get him cred on the SG, it certainly won't buy him any with savvy GMs and free agents.

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