Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What'cha Want Nuggets?

I'm too impulsive, my deadly corrosive dosage
attack when you least notice through explosive postage...

The most awaited NBA free agency period starts tonight at 10:01 MST (that's right, Mountain Time: the best time zone for sports. Don't believe me? That's because you were up until who knows when watching a game while I was in my sleep happy zone.)

We hear of teams for two years readying for this day; paring salary, trading players, hiring coaches, setting meetings, ordering ice sculptures of LeBron's favorite Smurf character.

And the local team? The one that last year was one player away from a NBA Finals appearance? The team that this year was exposed as overall small? The one with a valuable commodity in expiring contracts? That team?

Nothing. At 10:01 pm Rex Chapman will probably be at the Krispy Kreme drive thru (seriously, Rex used to be one of the most dynamic, athletic players in the 90's, dude could jump out of the gym. Now I doubt he could jump out of his car if there was a Twinkie on the road.)

What could've the Nugs done to be in position to be a player over the next few weeks? Here are some far fetched (and maybe some not-s0-far fetched) ideas:

-Trade Nene, JR Smith, and some picks to the Raptors in a sign and trade for Chris Bosh. The Raps get a expiring contract in Smith (plus maybe the different colored money will make him think he's in a giant Monoploy game) and an international player in Nene. Toronto has got to be tired of US players treating their city like it might as well be Siberia, and they shold move to international players. The Nugs get a prime big man and perhaps a throw in player.

-Jettison the expiring K-Mart contract to some chump team (Clippers anyone?) to free up space to acquire David Lee. Instant upgrade from K-Mart, who has to be on his last legs (literally) with his recent surgeries. Lee isn't a max player, so you might have an extra mil or so to bring in a veteran bench player not named Malik Allen.

-Get Smith out of the fold and use that money to get Ray Allen to end his career in Denver. He and Coach Karl have a history and Shuttlesworth could get big minutes simply hanging on the wing while Melo creates and burying threes. Like Dale Ellis in Nugget gear, only without the mid-90s high top fade. That's a vet backcourt with Chauncey too, which is big come playoff time.
-Think big and try whatever it takes to get two Nugget foils to come and join the team: Dirk Nowitzki or Carlos Boozer. The Dirk move would most likely not even happen in LaLa Land (which is also what Melo's wedding is called) but Carlos Boozer could be an intriguing get, although he seems destined for Miami if all the LeBron pieces fall right. Couldn't hurt to try to at least send a message to your increasingly apathetic fan base.

-Interesting big men options (all over-the-hill/average, but could give 10 minutes and added size): Brad Miller, Ben Wallace, Jermaine O'Neal, Kurt Thomas, Tony Battie (homecoming!), Adonal Foyal, Francisco Elson)

-Two names that might make sense here in Denver: Louis Admundson (Decent size and shooting touch. Self described "Boulder kid" from nearby Monarch High.) Drew Gooden (Can give extended minutes and should be coming into his "prime." Had decent years in Cleveland with a slashing type team.)

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Anonymous calvin natty light said...

If you are going to bring in one of those over the hill guys might as well add Shaq to that list too. All are pretty done except for Elson.

Brendan Haywood is available, he might be an option too.

I fully expect nothing to happen except swapping the Maliks/ACs/etc for similar players. Yuck

2:03 PM  
Anonymous cecil jacka said...

trade Melo and get the Italian kid and draft picks o plenty from NYK. Time to get real and start in a new direction.

Drew Gooden? He sucks

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Spotwood said...

The first move should be to hire Kevin Pritchard to run this team.

As far as the rest goes I think you wait to trade Kenyon's deal until the deadline. Put JR in that and you can see where you are at that point.

I'd actually like to keep Nene, but he's not a center, so he needs to play PF full time.

Not sure if David Lee is the answer there but a guy like Brad Miller could actually fill up some holes inside since he actually knows how to pass.

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks like the Brad Miller thing might happen, him or the Russian kid from G-State. Why not both?

9:23 AM  
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