Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ring The Alarm

I got the alcoholic beats to wake you up like a rooster...

Dan Hawkins, the true modern day Knute Rockne that he is, has already started tweaking his 2010 season in hopes of that elusive winning season. To help the faithful Buffs on that road to seven wins he's moved practice to 6am in the fall.

In the immortal words of Allen Iverson, "what are talking 'bout 6am? Practice?"

Because when you think 6am the first things that come to mind: milk men, the army, college kids.

This move is wrong on so many levels that you could build a new balcony on the Empire State Building. It's actually 6am that practice starts, that means these kids are up at 5am or earlier? The kids that live far off campus have to come up and over the Boulder Turnpike, where there's a chance that there could be an early AM backup. But Dan thought this all through, he'll be out front each of their apartments playing

Again, it's college. Late nights are part of the culture. Whether it's chilling with the crew playing some video games, watching TV, maybe actually studying, kicking it with a new found love interest, or just talking with new friends, late nights are the norm. Good move Dan! Way to crimp the experience!

And there's a little secret that college admin types don't want you to kids might actually be up late partying! Maybe a few drinky drinkys and a little nookie nookie. But don't tell anyone that either, Dan took it under consideration.

All of it leads to the actual practice. Think the plays run half-groggy, half asleep, cob web filled young heads are going to get this team ready to play Georgia? Think the offense will get some real crisp work on that new set that is going in for the Texas Tech offense?

In regard to Coach Hawkins: just hit snooze. Wake us all up when this over.

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Anonymous boulder creek tailgater said...

It will benefit them for the move to the Pac 10, because of the time change or something or Zen. Whatever, f you Dan

9:40 AM  
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