Friday, February 19, 2010

Cleveland Socked

Make me act loco, they switchin up my vocal
Out to catch you so-called MC's with a roll call...

Who needs to bring anyone in at the trade deadline? After last night's dramatic Nugs' win over the league-best Cavs, apparently the Nuggets believe their "stand pat" philosophy can maybe get it done.

When you have your best player commanding the game like Carmelo did last night and the other players feeding into him and his play, the Nuggets look like a top contender. Notice Nene's and Birdman's positioning while Melo did work? Perfect to say the least. They were in the right sports, spacing was textbook. Kenyon was the same, as he also took the cue from Melo and seemed to know just the right time to employ his one handed seven to nine fot jumper.

Even Chauncey knew damn well to give Melo the ball at the end of OT and just stand back. That shot was money, check the arc and fall back Melo had on the replay. There's no way LeBron was going to check that shot. Ball game.

Even Melo's defense caught on, as Aron Affalo d'ed up hard on LeBron's 25 footer (apparently LeBron's Nike's aren't the court grippers as Nike makes them out to be, witness his slipping on the play. Or maybe the ice from Cleveland's permafrost was seeping through.) and forced him to take a funky off balance shot.

The Powder Blue (or alternate Navy Blue) Patrol can ride the proverbial coat tails of Melo, the stretch run could be damn nice. And that was Melo mildly offering dap to teammates after the game, while LeBron beelined to the locker room without nary a acknowledgmen of his opponent or teammates. Maybe he needs to feed off Melo too.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

could TNT have been on LeBron's dick anymore in that game? Never thought id miss Hastings.

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Spotwood said...

And yet, Cleveland missed like 50% of their FT attempts and lost by 2.

I'm not saying the powder blue aren't an excellent team, but I still think they need more depth and I think that the team not trying to make even a minor move is going to hurt come playoff time.

Playoff teams will put a constant double on melo, and unless JR snaps out of whatever the hell is wrong with him we're in some trouble.

5:29 PM  
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