Wednesday, February 10, 2010

California Dreaming?

Check it check it check it check it microphone check it
Yeah you went wild, cause your moms digs my records...
Every few years, the chatter about CU joining the PAC 10 conference creeps up and it usually is just unfounded rumors or the interent message boards just getting a little off-season silly.
That was until this week, when some signs started appearing that the conference would look to expand with the end of their current TV contract. Of course, the Peoples Republic of Boulder and the University located there are smack dab in the crosshairs.
There are a slew of reasons to leave the Big 12 and join the sun soaked Pac 10. Culturally, academically, and attitude wise we fit with them. The Big 12 is becoming SWC-ish and Boulder and CU are increasingly becoming the outpost ski school within the conference. But the main reason that CU should jump if the Pac 10 comes calling?

Me. Commish CH demands it!

This last year I found myself in Manhattan Kansas before a CU-KState game. I was tailgating among the RVs. Lots of RVs. Like a damn RV showroom. The land was flat (besides a few silos), there was a annoying chill in the air, a gloomy cloud cover, a police man had berated us for carrying a case of beer, and the stadium was nothing more than a drab concrete slab. After the game (another loss) we ate at a nearby Old Chicago and I once again dreaded the long ride home through Kansas and Eastern Colorado.
This is common theme each year in the SG Crew's autumn. I've been through Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and the Mid West hinterlands so many times that I've thought about installing a CB radio.
In Ames, Iowa I dodged tornadoes in the stadium parking lot. Stillwater, Oklahoma saw us take permanent residence at Eskimo Joe's (although we ate at Bennigan's too.) Lubbock, Texas saw a couple SG alums have a bed full of bed bugs. Lawrence, Kansas is a nice place, but we've exhausted nearly every viable place in the town. College Station, Texas might have the nicest people in the entire conference and cheap hooch, but it could be the ugliest place in the country. Waco, Texas would make the town from Footloose look like party central. I won't even mention Lincoln, but there's a reason so many Nebraskans live in Colorado.
I'm ready for the sun in LA, strolls along the boardwalk, the roar of the ocean. The green of Seattle, the Space Needle, the fish market, the water on the stadium's edge beckons. The campuses of Eugene and Berkely match up perfectly with what we're used to in Boulder. The desert of Arizona might provide a welcome respite from the Colorado late fall. Don't know much about Corvallis or Pullman, but could it be any worse than the "club" in an old supermarket in Lawrence?
I'd miss the road trips (although as I get older, hopping on a plane is getting a bit more convenient than nine hours of gray nothingness) and I would really miss hating on the Huskers. But it's time to embrace LA's traffic, outdoor cafes in Washington, and Tempe's Mill street over the tater tot casserole I ate in Stillwater.
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Blogger Juck said...

Damn! I might never get to visit Columbia and complete my tour of the B12. Oh well, at least we have head start on the PAC10 having been to 3 different venues each. I'm all for the move.

5:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Columbia is defintitely a bottom tier Big 12 school. Strange mixture of intellects and hill billys.

A buddy of mine got jacked with a chain by some bumpkins at a gas station there. As in a bike lock. All they took was his sleeve of Cds.

7:34 AM  
Blogger Broz said...

Eugene could be Boulder's "sister" town as the vibe and campus are eerily similar to Boulder. Corvalis is a beautiful city in rural Oregon; much like Ft. Collins only you are an hour or so from the coast and the town doesn't smell like shit. I may actually travel to a few CU games if they join the Pac 10. There. I said it.

9:04 AM  
Anonymous boulder creek tailgater said...

Im really torn. History is big with me and dont know how we can leave the conference. How many P10 will travel to Boulder?

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Spotwood said...

Why wouldn't you want to travel to Boulder if you're the rest of the Pac 10?

It's California with more mountains.

(By the way the conference would absolutely have to be renamed the 12 PAC or we can't do it)

Personally, I'd like this move.

Fuck history. The 'necks can take that and shove it directly into their various corn filled orifices.

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Ty Ran Is Sores Us Wrecks said...

If this happens the Pac 12 network has to: 1- guarnatee that EVERY game is on TV. 2- That they make a concerted effort to keep CU & Utah games out of the 8:30 MST slots 3- I get to bang Mark Sanchez's sloppy seconds

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Homonculus said...

I think this would work better for basketball as well.

11:15 PM  
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