Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Milk Is Chillin

Denver icon Chauncey Billups joined the ranks of those immortalized with a band of milk across their lips (get your mind out of the porn world SG fiends) with his very own 'Got Milk' ad. Props to Chauncey for once again repping the community and doing the good work for the people. The Milk folks actually considered some other Colorado sports figures for their ad, and the Slushy Gutter go the list:

-Mike Bohn- An off-shot of the 'Got Milk?' theme would've been 'Got Cream?' and would've featured the Colorado AD trolling Folsom Field with a metal detector in an effort to come up with extra change to buy out Coach Hawk.

-Kyle Orton- Milk executives deemed that his beard fit the classic cliche "rub some milk on it and let the cat lick it off" and squashed the DOnk QB's ad.

-Birdman- Chris Anderson was a bit amped when his name came up for the ad and prematurely went out and had a milk moustache tatted on his lip.

-Brandon Marshall- Milk execs tried to applie 2% milk to his lip since he only has been practicing half ass.

-Joe Sacco- Everyone was ready until he showed up at the shoot and they assumed he was Joe Sakic's driver. When he said, "no I'm Joe Sacco, the Avalanche coach" everyone was confused and finally Morty the security guard had to chase him out.
-Josh McDaniels- When asked 'Got Milk?' Josh simply replied "no, I don't, but if he fits into our environment and can help us win ball games, we will take a look at him."

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