Monday, September 28, 2009

The Wack Hole

PROPS and DROPS from the Broncos' dominating win over the Raiders:

PROPS: Teams and media like to use kitschy nicknames when you have two backs with different styles; Thunder and Lightning, Fire and Ice, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Peanut Butter and Jelly. (I made that last one up, but how cool would that be?) The Broncos have two RBs in Knowshon Moreno and Correll Buchalter who are almost exact reflections of eachother. Neither are the standard bruiser, and neither are extreme speed merchants. Don't let it fool anyone though, as they riddled the Raiders for nearly two bills with a physical punishing style. Yet, both can kick that extra gear when they get through the line. It was like Shanny and 1998 were back, without the Hall Of Fame QB. Credit has to go to the O-line as well, especially Ryan Clady, where his left side has become almost a highway for the backs to ramble down.

DROPS: The Oakland fans were a miserable lot during the afternoon. The stadium looked like it was half empty, prompting a NFL-mandated blackout (how appropriate.) However, the freaks still played dress up and looked all the more sad as the game wore on. Spiked shoulder pads, borrow my wife's make-up, my Darth Vader mask, and sitting on my behind by the 2nd quarter in that gear looking miserable. The NFL has to question the long term viability of the Oakland Raiders, whether the Bay Area can support two teams and Al Davis as one.

PROPS: Marcus Thomas had a couple plays late in the game from his defensive line postion that could serve as notices that this Donk team is physical. One, he nearly chased down behemoth QB JaMarcus Russell sans his headgear. Dude looked possessed running the field, like Russel stole all the Twinkies in the Donk locker room. A few plays later Thomas was flagged for illegal hands to teh face as the pocket again collapsed around Russell. Penalty yes, but Thomas and the Denver D showed they were going to be the bullies, and they were all afternoon.

DROPS: JaMarcus Russel looks like Ja Rule on steriods, or with Botox in his head.

PROPS: Unlike the colligiate coach up the road in Boulder, Josh McDaniels didn't use his win to belittle the media in the post game. McD simply fed the company line, but he wasn't reading it as bullshit. He actually instills and adheres to the line and believes in it, ala the Patriots' Way.

PROPS: One has to believe that the playbook will open up over the next stretch of games. The Donks have played the first three games like an extended pre-season, running the most vanilla offense this side of the Green Mountain Midget Rams. Case in point, three runs straight up the gut on their first drive. Now, part of that may be Kyle Orton's limitations, mainly his finger might not allow him to really air it out. Part might be their #1 playmaker, Brandon Marshall still not 100% with the playbook.

PROPS: Seeing the Raider garb in the crowd reminded me of a young Commish circa 1989-90 rocking the NWA/West Coast-inspired LA Raider caps. It changed when Ice Cube said on the opening track of Death Certificate "stop giving juice to the Raiders, cuz Al Davis never paid us." I'm not sure if Al owed Cube some cash from selling parking spots at the Coliseum, but my Raider cap was retired after that. Oh yeah, and that whole wearing the cap of your most hated rival thing was a part of it too.

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Blogger Hercules Rockefeller said...

How about Cube busting out "oh yeah, fuck the Broncos" in Steal the Show?

:50 mark

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope he wear a vest
It's all about the l-e-n-c-h y'all know the rest

7:02 AM  
Blogger @slushygutter said...

Cube also sported CU garb throughout the mid-90s in a related note.

I never really understood that line on Death Certificate. This was during Cube's "militant" phase. Davis was actually a champion of Black/Minority in his organization (Art Shell). So Cube mightve been doing that for effect.

1:34 PM  
Anonymous west coast customer said...

Cube was all over the board on that album. In reality he shouldve realesed that cd a year earlier. Rap was coming way off of the political at that time, with Cypress dropping and Dre a year off. Cube was stuck in the middle and a year later he was all ganster boogie.

9:53 AM  
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