Monday, September 21, 2009

Sharpe as a Tack

I rise and shine like the sun on the one
We dance together, we overcome...
PROPS and DROPS from this weekend's CU win over Wyoming and the Broncos' defensive showing versus the Browns:

PROPS: Elvis Dumervil had four sacks, tying a Bronco record. But if you counted his hurries and the steps the Browns took to avoid him, he had an all-world game. The problem is when you run away from Elvis (sounds like a 1960's movie) you run into the teeth of Andre Davis or DJ Williams. The new 3-4 scheme has paid dividends early and often, seemingly transforming the entire defensive mindset. By that, the unit looks like they carry a chip on their shoulder now, as they expect to punish the oppostion. Jamal Lewis isn't a slouch, as physical a back as they come and he didn't do anything yesterday versus the unit.
DROPS: 10:21 in the first quarter: the time showing when boos reigned down on Kyle Orton.
PROPS: Buff linebacker BJ Beatty played Dumervil at Folsom Field, flying all over the field in both pass coverage and with a pair of sacks. The Hawaiian Red Tomato packed plenty of punch as the Wyoming spread more resembled mayonnaise spread. When Wyoming started the game with their running QB, Beatty was there to greet him on every scramble. And as they switched to a passing QB, the D stiffened up and limited the Wyo offense (whose coach, Dave Christensen had put up 100+ points on CU in Mizzou the past two years) to no points.
PROPS: Overheard from the stands as Braylon Edwards enjoyed a stretch where he caught a few easy passes. "Gee, leaving number 17 open and not keeping track of him is a good idea; I mean he's not their best player or anything."
DROPS: Dan Hawkins transformed from Coach Peace N Zen post game to Coach Ahole, as he lectured and belittled the media for criticizing him over the past week. His "how you like me now" attitude was smug and unwarranted. Dan, you beat Wyoming. They will be lucky to win more than four games this year. Man up and go talk about the postives of your win, nothing is served by saying "I told you so" to the assembled scribes.
PROPS: Rodney "Speedy" Stewart was the spark the Buff running game needed, as he scampered and slashed to 100+ yards. He literally hides behind offensive lineman a foot taller than him and employs more spins and quick jukes this side of Reggie Bush getting freaky with Kim Kardashian. Makes Buff fans wonder if super recruit Darrell Scott has UCLA's coaches on speed dial.
PROPS: The Broncos and Pat Bowlen did a great job honoring Shannon Sharpe as he was enshrined on the Ring of Fame. Sharpe returned the favor by parachuting in and having a short but emotional speech thanking the organization. If there's one thing we can see from all these former greats is that they genuinely have a great affinity for Pat Bowlen, thanking him incessantly. Jay Cutler will probably not be expressing those emotions.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a jerk Hawk is. would Stoops or Urban Meyer pull some asshat crap like that post game? hell no. Hawk shut up and coach

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Spotwood said...

Uh, not sure what Stoops you've watched over the years.

Hawkins could start sacrificing kittens, while kicking babaies, and punching kids in the face and not be as much of an asshole as Bob Stoops.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous gaybizbutthumpsrabbits said...

if Gaybiz was a kid, I wish Stoops would punch him in the face

12:59 PM  
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