Monday, September 14, 2009

Rockets Glare

PROPS and DROPS from the epic CU free fall that should have every fan gagging, and the miracle Bronco win at Cincy:

The CU Athletic Director Mike Bohn was revising history after the game, trying to tell anyone who would listen that the debacle that had just unfolded was in part due to the "hole" Dan Hawkins was in when he was hired. Perhaps Hawk inherited a team from Gary Barnett that had some issues, but it wasn't a bare cupboard. One, that was nearly four years ago! That is not enough time for Hawk to get the "foundation" in place? Two, the team Hawk got in December of 05 had NFLers in Tyrone Wheatley, Jordan Dizon, and Mason Crosby, three scholarship QBs and a solid RB corp. Three, even Barnett's worst recruiting classes were rated in the 50s by services. For Mike Bohn to try to justify the unfolding collapse of the program by bullshi*tng the fans is akin to lying to us.

PROPS: Brandon Stokely had a subpar game before the miracle end, but just infinitely made up for it the last 25 seconds. Not only did he follow the play and ball on the TD play, but to burn the clock at the end was genius. Remember last year he stopped Brandon Marshall from acting a fool and costing huge field position in a Donks' win.

PROPS: My friend CM had the greatest description ever for the Buffs' offensive philosophy: Plinko. Yes, the Price Is Right game. O-Coordinator Eric Keiseau reaches into the big bag, pulls out a chip (pass, run, long pass, etc) and slips it into Plinko and sees if it works. Like the game show counterpart, the result is usually a box of Rice A Roni.

DROPS: Donk Defensive Coordinator was having a brilliant game until Cincy's final drive. The pass rush that was in Carson Palmer's face from the 2nd Quarter until them suddenly disappeared. Linebackers were in middle-of-nowhere zone coverage, and it is obvious that all of the Donk LBs are best in an "attack" mode.

DROPS: Brandon Marshall was pretty much a no-factor in the game. It could be that the lack of work that Orton missed over the last few weeks played into that. However, this could be a PROP for the rest of the year. With Marshall an after thought it makes him work harder, play harder, and shut his mouth in order to get back into the offense. Couple that with the news that Mike Shannahan was going to cut him, and is it possible we see a humbled Marshall back at Mile High next weekend?

DROPS: How the Buff defensive backs have regressed as far as they have is another mystery going on in Boulder. Last year they were among the top units in the league, but after two weeks of middle of the pack non-BCS receivers flying all over the field, the onus goes back to the coaches. Is DB coach Greg Brown wrongly assuming his pledges have the technique and neglected that during drills? Out of position, no double coverage at key times, and weak run support have plagued the unit. The Toldeo QB was featured on a Heisman ad after the game for gawds sake!

DROPS: Bengal receiver Chris Henry looks like a mesh between some sort of strung out Thunderbird sipper and a Hobbit elf.

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