Wednesday, June 11, 2008

MF June Points

Do the Smurf, do the Wop, Baseball Bat
Rooftop like we bringing '88 back...

***Check out the Fx Network's 30 Days this week and you will see a familiar face in former Bronco CB Ray Crockett. For those who are sleeping, 30 Days is documentarian Morgan Spurlock's (Supersize Me) joint that takes a person from a completely diferenet walk of life and makes them live another person's life for 30 days. This week features Crockett having to liVe the life a wheelchair bound person. Before his Denver days, Crockett was a teammate with Detroit's Mike Utley, who suffered a injury which confined him to a wheelchair. The hour features Crockett and his family having to deal with the unexpected challenges and emotions. Peep Ray working out with the wheelchair rugby aka "Murderball" team and you'll see he'd probably rather be facing the Raiders again.

***The collective Hip Hop realm is abuzz about one album and one album only, Lil Wayne's The Carter III. As a devoted underground head/backpacker/insert label here, I should hate, loathe and sh*t on the offering. I won't do any of the three, because the first two are too predictable and the third is gross and probably illegal. Wayne does to his credit assemble some of the game's top producers, including Kanye West(the best track being "Shoot Me Down", a slow head nodder with a catchy hook that sounds like Coldplay,) Swizz Beatz and a surprising track with The Alchemist("Nothin on Me" w/Fabolous and Juelz Santana.) Of course, like any major Hip Hop release, there's a T-Pain track(skip it), and a track with Jay-Z ("Mr. Carter," the album's top track,) and perhaps the wackest track in the last five years, "Lollipop." When Wayne (I refuse to call him 'Weezy') isn't getting just too stupid with his whiny voice, his synthisized Peter Frampton meets 2008 BS, and his 'greatest rapper alive' schtick, he carries the tracks pretty well. His lyrics range from some metaphors that illict a good chuckle ("I don’t owe you like two vowels"), then he goes off the deep end and mutters "hey pussy" 1000 times on one track fumbling over a rock beat that would make even a lounge singer blush. Perhaps it is the ying and yang of the entire Lil Wayne hype, I have to hate him, but he does some tracks that push me into checking it, then pisses me off again and I grab my back pack, than a blazing track comes, and the cycle continues...
(related: pay your penance and scoop up KRS-One's Maximum Strength or The Cool Kids' The Bake Sale )

***Some "brewers" in Phoenix are now making a brand new beer called Bowser Beer. Catchy name, probably some microbrew with a dog on the cover? No, it's actually for your dog. Some one must of used to hate it when Alex from Strohs would take that dude's beer. The brew contains no actual alcohol, but beef and malt, glucosomine, things dogs crave. No word if the taste of their own asshole is also included. The real shocker? A $20 plus per sixer price tag. $20 for your dogs' beer? Give me the damn Jackson note, I'll but that dog a 30 pack of Keystone and mark it 'Keystone Dawg' and Fido won't know the difference and he can share it with me. But I won't be counting it or anything...Woof.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

not sure why Weezy gets so much hate from your types. his shit isn't the typical "southern rap" of bouncy, minimal beats, catchy hook designed for clubs. granted he's not Wu circa 95, but not the anti-christ either...

1:19 PM  
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