Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Double Shot Powe

It's a must that I bust any mic you're hand to me,
It's inherited, it's runs in the family…

Some of the buzz here in CO after Game Two of the NBA Finals was about Leon Powe, the (ahem) one time Nuggets draft pick who joined the ranks of Timmy Smith, “Turning Japanese,” and Buster Douglas as a one-hit wonder.

When I first heard the name Leon Powe, I thought, “yeah he’s the dude from ‘Above the Rim’ who was the security guard/Duane Martin’s father figure.” But apparently, Leon Powe spent about as much time in Denver as a 70 degree day in January.

Powe was drafted by the Powder Blue Patrol and subsequently dealt to Team Green from a bag of jock straps and Red Auerbach’s ashtray. So the critics would like you to believe. Ultimately, the Powe trade turned into JR Smith.

I’m thinking 30 of 30 NBA general managers would favor Smith over Powe, now that Isiah Thomas is out of the league. While Powe might go down in Boston lore, he is hardly “one that got away” here in Denver. The Nugs would probably not be playing the Celtics in the Finals had Powe remained in the fold. Unless Powe has super human ability to enable Kenyon Martin to play defense, Melo to play with more heart and desire, and AI to dish the ball around like John Stockton. In that case, bad trade.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, I'd probably rather have JR, but I was actually pretty stoked when they drafted him.

He was a great scorer/rebounder in college (Cal Berkley) and I thought he would fit into their system pretty well.

Oh well.

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Powe would be a 10-12 min guy on the nuggets. He is Rodney Rogers' son.

9:54 AM  
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