Monday, November 26, 2007

Creamed Corn

I catch vibes like Count Basie, sucker won't face me
I'm so much flavor you can taste me
I'm underground like a gutter
You never catch me - stutter, everybody knows that I'm butter...

PROPS and DROPS from Friday's huge Buff win over Nebraska and Sunday's special teams' meltdown in the Broncos' loss to the Bears:

PROPS: To ABC, the CU Athletic Department, and the South Park crew for Eric Cartman introducing the Buffs’ offense and defense. Throughout the year, various alums, players, and coaches have introduced teams on ABC, but this has got to be the most creative of the lot. And a new nickname, “the Rabid Goldfish” for DT George Hypolite is born. Now, if Trey Parker and Matt Stone want to cut the AD a big check, I’m sure we’d have no problem with the “Big Gay Al Athletic Complex.”

DROPS: Devin Hester will get all the credit, and Todd Sauerbrun will get the immediate criticism for the Donk’s debacle yesterday. But, it goes a lot further up than that on the food chain. Dan Dierdorf constantly hammered home the point to kick towards the sideline with this guy, and yet Shanny, the special teams’ coaches, and Sauerbrun did not try to pin the modern-day Rocket Ismail on the sideline. A very ill-prepared game plan on the Donks’ end. And the other 10 guys looked like a grade school outfit out there; especially on the kickoff return where there were no Broncos barely even in the frame.

PROPS: Throughout most of the year, the Buffs’ Achilles heel was a lack of potent halftime adjustments. The third quarter is where the opposition would score points and either comeback or put the game away. the Buffs, down by 11 at half to the dreaded cornchuckers, switched from a man defense to a zone and it paid off with three INTS and 34 straight points. The different look rattled Billy Ganz (no relation to Hip Hop star Billy Danz) into some ill-advised throws.

DROPS: Did the Denver equipment staff not bring some longer cleats to Chicago? Between Brandon Marshall and the D-Line, they were on their bellies what seems like most of second half. Jay Cutler’s seemed to be throwing low all day, so the murky field didn’t help his effort either.

PROPS: When the Evil Red Horde punted to the Buffs early in the fourth quarter, some weird cosmic force made the ball perfectly roll out of bounds at the one yard line. What followed was a textbook, old school Big 8 drive by the Buffs that ate up the bulk of the quarter and took any fight out of the Huskers. CU simply pounded the ball with Hugh Charles and even Cody Hawkins, not even mixing in one pass. The young freshman Kai Maiva and Ryan Miller cleared the way all the way to midfield before the Buffs punted. A drive that ended in a punt may have been the biggest of the day for Hawkins and Company.

DROPS: Don’t say I called it, but I called it. By the fourth quarter, Lil’ Red fans were in full myopia mode. It was amazing how by that point with their team down three scores, they became consumed with: the stadium wasn’t sold out; Nebraska beef is way better than Colorado beef; the overall series record; the fact that CU fans hurl “personal insults” at their players; pheasant hunting is better in Nebraska; CU fans have the worst reputation in college sports. Nothing about the fact that their team had just been soundly whooped over a 30 minute stretch. CU fans can feel content with the fact that they are headed to a bowl game and have the pieces in place and the shuckers can relish their superior cows.

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Anonymous columbian enos said...

how many piss bombs did nail those cockroaches with?

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