Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sonic Boom From the Cannon

I never half step cause I'm not a half stepper
Drink a lot of soda so they call me Dr. Pepper…

Nuggets Game 1: a 120-103 victory over the Seattle soon to be Oklahoma City Sonics. What you’d expect from a Nuggets’ team in the opener, a quick start, a lackluster 2nd quarter, average at best defese, and slowly pulling away from a overmatched opponent in the late 3rd and fourth. A few other quick observations:

-Looks like the organization is trying to push the alternate logo of the pick axes rather than the “Nuggets” capped with the mountains. Frankly, I like the pick axe logo, I’m just not sure if it looks alright massively painted on center court. When it’s that big it looks like they’re playing on the Colorado Courts logo or something. On second thought, that might come in handy when Kobe comes to town.

-Hey PJ Carleismo: 1979 Ed McMahon called and he wants his suit and glasses back.

-Yakhouba Diawara looks like twice the player he was at the onset of last year. He was moving well without the ball, showed he could create a shot when needed, and played highlight worthy defense. His summer of playing with Mr. Longoria and the French team has obviously helped.

-Am I the only one who thinks the NBA has to do something about players letting the ball more than halfway down the court so the clock won’t start is just stupid?

-Nene played alright in spurts, but he looked completely gassed and off his game at others. He missed at least four point blank layups, which you center just can do versus the Sonics and Nick Collison, but not versus Duncan, Yao, or Amare. Tell Nene there’s a Twinkie at the baskets’ bottom and he’ll sink them.

-Kevin Durant looked pretty decent. It’ll take him a half a season to get into his groove, but as we saw last year, all the tools are there.

-Behind the Nuggets bench could be quite the watch party this year. Anyone notice the security guard with the fresh poodle/Joey Buttafucco perm. And Nuggets strength coach Steve Hess looks more and more like a Klingon every day.

-Was Sonics’ guard Delonte West an extra on ‘Prison Break’?

-Melo nailing the 3’s (3 for 6) is good news for a team that has struggled in that category since Michael Adams roamed the court. Melo looked like his typical self out there, streaky at times, but ending with another solid line.

-Wally Szczerbiak? Really? Dude looked hopeless out there. He needs to be a spot up shooter and that’s it.

-Leinas Kleiza looked leaner, quicker, and very confident in his role. He was dead on with his 3 pointers and crashed the boards hard. He even took it to the rack hard on a few plays. Look for him to be the first man in Karl’s off the bench rotation this year.

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