Friday, November 16, 2007

A Hunka Hunka Burning Hov

We bring knife to fistfight, kill your drama
Uh, we kill you motherfuckin ants with a sledgehammer

Jay-Z just tied Elvis Presley for most #1 albums by a solo artist. Elvis and Jay-Z have never appeared on any tracks together, but they do have a bit in common.

ELVIS: Stole his brand of music from black people
JAY-Z: Stole from black and white people alike when he released Kingdom Come in 2006

ELVIS: Slammed by Public Enemy’s Chuck D who questioned “none of my heroes never appeared on no stamp.”
JAY-Z: From the track “Hola Hovita”: “Hold up; naw muh'fuckers - y'all muh'fuckersbetter run to the post office and get a job muh'fuckers.”

JAY-Z: Rapped on the track “Show and Prove” with Ol Dirty Bastard
ELVIS: By the mid-70’s, he was an old, dirty, fat bastard.

JAY-Z: Owns a chunk of the New Jersey Nets
ELVIS: The Nets used to play at McNichols Arena in Denver, where the phrase "Elvis has left the building" was first uttered. (True story)

JAY-Z: Beef with Nas further enhanced his career
ELVIS: Loved beef, and chicken, and pork, and peanut butter.

ELVIS: Years after his passing, has inspired thousands of impersonators
JAY-Z: Some may say that he has been impersonating Notorious BIG throughout his career.
ELVIS: Blue Hawaii
JAY-Z: Hawaiian Sophie
ELVIS: Memphis
JAY-Z: Memphis Bleek

JAY-Z: Girlfriend Beyonce has appeared in many films, costarring with the like of Academy Award winners Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx, and Cuba Gooding Jr.
ELVIS: Wife Priscilla costarred in a trio of movies with OJ Simpson.

JAY-Z: President of Def Jam records, overseeing millions of dollars and a multitude of artists.
ELVIS: Met with President Richard Nixon in which he requested to become an at-large “Federal Agent.” Somehow, Elvis wore teh WBC Championship belt at the meeting.
JAY-Z: Had a big song with"Hard Knock Life" which sampled a bunch of scream orphans from the play Annie
ELVIS: Used to make Ann Margeret scream. Thank ya very much.



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