Tuesday, November 20, 2007

AFC West First

It ain't no pop cause that sucks
And you can New Jack Swiiiiiing on my nuts…

PROPS and DROPS from Monday's Bronco win over the Titans and CU's bye week before the annual day after Thanksgiving game with the sodbusters from northeast of here...

PROPS: The Donk’s offense has been very stagnant most of the season, witness the 25th ranking. Versus the Titans, Shanny dusted off the old vertical game and the O responded with their best day of the 07 campaign. Cutler went downfield often, connecting with Stokley on a long TD, hitting his tight end Tony Scheffler across the middle for big chunks, and of course saving some lobs for his man-crush Brandon Marshall, who also scored. Couple in the long TDs on punt returns and simple Andre Hall’s run, and the Broncos had more fireworks than a Federal Boulevard Black Cat stand.

PROPS: Someone by the name of Andre Hall relieved a gimpy Selvin Young late in the game and proceeded to break off a 60+ yard scoring run. It could’ve been Monte Hall, Rich Hall of Sniglet fame, or Guy’s Aaron Hall, any of them would’ve scored on run. The O-line, much maligned earlier in the year, created some large holes in the second half to allow the Broncos to salt away the game. Matt Lepsis is playing his best ball of the year, controlling his blockers and at times simply dominating his side of the line.

DROPS: Mike Shannahan’s timeout blunders finally cost his team. Again he tried to “ice” Tennekeezy kicker Rob Bironas (say that 10 times fast after four Coors Lights) on a long attempt. Bironas missed the attempt, but it was null and void by Shanny’s Chris Webber-like strategy. Bironas promptly nailed the second try from 50 plus yards. Later in the game, another ill-timed TO allowed the Titans to review their previous play and post a TD.

PROPS: The Broncos defensive line has more unrecognizable names than a Russian gymnastics meet. However, the constant shuffling allows the lineman to maintain fresh legs and not wear down over a long game. Guys who were probably selling outdoor motors last week are now pressuring Vince Young into an average day. Mallard? McKinley? Who? Sam Adams likes it because he has more energy to attack the post game buffet.

PROPS: CU’s live buffalo mascot heads out to the retirement pasture after this Friday’s game versus the evil red horde in Boulder. Ralphie IV has been running since 1998, everywhere from Fiesta Bowls, Big 12 Championships, Georgia, Mile High Stadiums new and old, and of course, Folsom Field. The new Ralphie V is a bit meaner than her docile predecessor, and hopefully she produces bigger chips for Bill Callahan to step in.

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