Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tan, Rested, and Ready

You better recognize, adjust your bifocals
Your style is local, I sit on beaches in Acupulco

I put words together like Peter Jennings

And skate on motherf**kers like Peggy Flemming...

The lean number of posts the last few weeks has been due to the SG's retreat south of the border for some quality beachtime, mas Coronas, and sweating in the warm sun while CO melted into the brown, dirty, muck known as February. Without boring you with the typical "here's my vacation!" caca, I leave you with my favorite Mexico story before launching back into the Nuggets, the lack of football, CU head coaches, domestic beers, and upcoming Hip Hop:

While I was enjoying an ice-cold cerveza at the pool complete with the requisite swim up bar, two rather large ladies were swirling about in the water to the music. The song? That would be SG favorite Sir Mix-A-Lot and his timeless white person anthem, "Baby Got Back." Even in Mexico, they know 95% of Gringos love them some Mix-A-Lot. The larger of the two ladies bellowed at the bartenders to "turn this up and let's get this party started." After repeating their request numerous times at their loudest levels and flailing about the duo returned to their Mango Daquiris and more dancing.

I returned to my beachfront chair and didn't see either of the ladies again...until the next day. The smaller of the two was pushing the larger, who was confined to a wheelchair. Seems the previous days boozery and early 90's rap attack had left them unable to walk. It prompted me to think: So Cosmo says you're fat/well, I aint down with that/and now you're handicap!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"My Anaconda don't want none cuz you drank too much rum! You can do side bends or sit ups, but damn girl youre a klutz"

8:28 AM  
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