Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rick Neu: I'm Still Bitter

Little Sally Walker, sittin in a saucer,
Oh, how I tossed that ass up
Like a mission in the woods,
woody woodpecker would if he could,
But I didn't want to pass it up...

My old buddy Rick Neuheisel recently got named as Offensive Coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens. Him and Brian Billick, what a pair! You know what they say about birds of a feather. I wonder if ol' Slick Rick mentioned any of these on his stellar resume:

  1. Got the CU head coaching job by essentially flirting with the University President
  2. Couldn't run the ball if he was handed OJ Simpson and the 1970's Steelers O-Line
  3. Gambled in a HIGH stakes March Madness tourney and was fired for it
  4. Told a locker room of his players to "say Merry Christmas with your headgear" before the 98 Aloha Bowl
  5. Recruited during "quiet periods" when no recruiting was permitted
  6. Once recruited 11 wide receivers and 2 o-Lineman in one class
  7. Was censured by AFCA chairman Fisher DeBerry for "showing little remorse for his actions"
  8. Downplayed his University's game with their chief rival
  9. Never beat said chief rival
  10. Made the entire state of Oregon hate him
  11. Said he wanted to be to Colorado like Joe Pa was to Penn State
  12. Lied to his boss about interviewing with the SF 49ers
  13. Was chased all over the practice field by a frothing o-lineman who was covinced he was bringing the program down
  14. Left his postion at Colorado while a flock of top notch blue chips were on their recruting visits
  15. Oh, NCAA sanctions
  16. Played as a scab for the San Diego Chargers during the 1987 NFL strike
  17. Took over a top ten Big Eight program and left as a mid-dweller in the Big 12, where it still is today, nine years later
  18. Initially sowed the seed for what would become the CU recruiting "scandal"
  19. Perfected the art of "bumping" into recruits. (Oh, Bryan. I didn't know you'd be here...in you school...in this classroom.")
  20. Again, more NCAA trouble, 18 violations to be exact
  21. Was not allowed to recruit off campus as a result of NCAA troubles
  22. Played QB for the San Antonio Gunslingers
  23. Inner tubing, skiing, playing guitar on the job
  24. Called Colorado, who gave him his first shot at Head Coach, a "have not" in D1
  25. Was accused of tampering with his old players at CU by Gary Barnett
  26. Forfeited an entire season of victories for using an ineligible player
  27. Won a Rose Bowl behind QB Marques Tuiappososo, a player he recruited at CU...to play linebacker
  28. Was caught by camera at a nationally televised game at Michigan going ape shit on his QB
  29. Sued his former employer for $4.5 million..and won
  30. Has a bad haircut
But I'm not bitter. I'm not, really. Great hire Brian, I'm sure Steve McNair and the fellas are going to love it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rick was also not to come back to a few Boulder drinking establishments after he and a few of the staff had some rough nights

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i know him from his washington days-- question-- did he ALSO get the CU job by flirting with the Uni. president? He definitely got the UW job by flirting with the A.D. Barbara Hedges.

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely "charmed" the then CU President Judith Albino, that was the word used. Got the job over Coach Mac's pick Bob Simmons.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

That is such old news. What a loser you are to pick up on the news this week, and slam RN for the crap that happened years ago.

5:31 PM  
Blogger @slushygutter said...

Rick getting hired as an OC isn't "old news". Public figures' history is relevant to what they are asked to do in the current times. Would you be be concerned if your boss had a lengthy rap sheet from events of 3 years ago? Also, I go back with Rick to 1994, I'm not just "picking up" on it. Thanks.

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rick Neu is a slick salesman. He ruined two D1 programs and he will do no less to the Ravens. Really saw his offensive wizardy in that loss to the Colts. Hang loose, bruddah.

8:08 AM  
Blogger Warren said...

UW before Neuheisel: Not one losing season in my quarter century of life.

UW after Neuheisel: 3 straight losing seasons.

8:25 AM  
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