Monday, June 13, 2011

Getting All Mavericky

Shuttin down your slot, time for pumpin
Poisonous sting which thumps up and act chumps...

The Mavs made team basketball back en vougue last night capturing their first NBA title and keeping the O'Brien Trophy in the Western Confrence, where our Denver Nuggets also happen to reside.

Add another hill for the Nugs to climb. As if the up-and-coming Thunder, the steady improving Blazers, the Lakers with some guy named Kobe, the kids in Minny and the Clippers weren't enough for the Powder Blue Patrol. Now, the newly minted Champs and their flush with cash owner will matchup up three times a year with the Nugs.

When it became apparent the Mavs were going to win this thing, I kept thinking back just two years back. The Nugs and Mavs matched up in the Western Semis and the Nugs arguably manhandled the future champs. K-Mart was in Dirk's head from the get-go, taking a hard foul and almost rendering him worthless for the rest of the series. A spry Chauncey Billups matched up with Jason Kidd and made him look ancient, and George Karl seemed to scream checkmate over Rick Carlisle. Of course, the addition of Tyson Chandler was huge for Dallas, and some dude who's name rhymes with "Jello" decided he was too big for The Box State and the fate of the two teams went in complete different directions.

But a big "what if" has remain in us Nuggets' fans heads; that same Mavs' core just celebrated with an all night bender while that Nuggets team is completely fragmented across the globe and a seemingly distant memory.

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Anonymous calvin natty light said...

It was the perfect storm for the Mavs. With the Spurs out early and the bounceback after the 23 pt letdown, the Mavs took it to the Lakers. OKC had nothing. Miami had questionable coaching and a head case in Bron. Gets the Mavs the title. they are a 4-5 seed the next couple yrs. Nugs need to take it to them with their athleticism

4:23 PM  
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