Thursday, May 14, 2009

Seriously Golden

When taking away what little time that I got
The mind view in energy oxen I pick the combination spot
When in 1985 they injected me with props...

The Nuggets vanquished the Mavericks in Game Five and advanced to the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 1985...

-Like a QB in college football, or a goalie in hockey, or a hot pitcher in the MLB, in the NBA, you can have all the "role" players on a team you need, but in the end you need superstars. Last night, the Nugs' superstar Carmelo Anthony embodied the word, even if the rest of the hoops' world doesn't recognize. Drives to the hoop, switching shots in the air, fall away jumpers, rebounds and finding the open man when doubled, Melo came up with a signature game in this series. His 3-pointer with 2 seconds on the shot clock at the six minute mark was defacto series clincher. Superstar 1A was obviously Chauncey Billups. Want to see his philosophy of sharing the rock outside of the 12 assists? He's driving to the hoop in the first half, damn well could've dunked it, and he still passes it to KMart, who is fouled and makes one of two.

-Play by play guy when describing Chauncey: "Had his choice of all the big time programs. Chose instead to got to the University of Colorado in Boulder." What? CU isn't a "big time" program? Come on, we've been to one, count NCAA tourney in 35 years when a player than other Chauncey has been on the team! And we stock the NBA with players, there's a grand total of one. CU and Hoops Power are synonymous.

-Owner Stanley Kroenke's suit? A) Marcus Camby left a bunch of suits in his locker when he was traded. B) He is joining the Brian Setzer Orchestra. C) Walmart's new Tommy Gun 1939 line?

-Outside of use of timeouts, George Karl got the checkmate on Rick Carrey Carlisle throughout the game and the entire series. Karl's substitutions were part hunch-based, part-need, and thouroughly calculated. Carlisle seemed to be throwing darts to try to get the right personnel on the floor. Jason Kidd had a horrible first half last night, yet Carlisle kept Jose Barea on the bench depsite his productive Game Four. Karl limited Birdman's minutes last night after his first half minutes didn't amount to much more than a few fouls and pretty much rode his vets the enitre second half. Carlisle on the other hand had young hothead Antoine Wright on the floor late in the game.

-Three time Slushy Gutter winner Van Kordell texted me and asked if Super Dave Osborne was calling the game.

-Big ups to TNT for some of the old school looks and references. The Nuggets navy blue crayola away jersies, Mike Evans curl, Zang's Brewery, Doug Moe, and does Bill Hanzlik ever age?

-Kenyon Martin dunk alley oop from JR Smith with a minute to go? Ooops I think I crapped my pants.

-Long break or keep playing- what is the better option for this team? The 2007 Rockies might have an opinion. However, basketball isn't as tied to timing and rhythm like a MLB batter or pitching staff. The players will welcome the rest and most likely have a few tough practices facing them. Fortunately, there are no injuries, but Melo did look a bit bruised last night in the leg last night and at one point appeared to be holding his, umm, "Lil Melo" (reminds me of the not-classic film Johnny B Good, where Anthony Michael Hall tells his coach "I broke my dick coach.) And someting might not be right with Birdman. The Nugs may go into NHL injury report mode, but his last three games have been far short of earlier in the postseason.

RELATED- 1985 Hip Hop - LL Cool J - "I Can't Live Without My Radio" (Live on Soul Train); Kurtis Blow - "If I Ruled The World"; Run DMC - "King of Rock"

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