Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Royal Treatment

I know you wanna enter but I can't let you in
My mindstate's the maddest, I'm gone with the wind...

PROPS and DROPS from the Buffs last second win over the Jayhawks and the Broncos reaching 6-0 with their MNF win over San Diego:

PROPS: The Chargers thought a good way to get a leg up in this game would be to raise their intensity and go 1991 Miami Hurricane and intimidate the Donks. No chance in that as Denver simply shrugged off the Chargers buffoonery and matched the level in the first half and laid the wood to the Chargers in the second. While the Broncos let their play do their talking, Darren Sproles wasted no time in pointing to his name and number when he scored his TD. Team, Darren, team.

PROPS: Tyler Hansen's stat line looked rather pedestrian, but the stat line doesn't show how he created opportunites and had the KU defense guessing all game. His scrambles helped draw in linebackers which helped the tight ends get open all night. Witness the key 3rd and 15 pick up to Riar Geer on the game winning drive. The only thing missing was more designed runs for the swift Hansen, who looked more comfortable and didn't have the "run now" mentality when your first read is covered.

DROPS: KU faced a 3rd and 29 late in the game and the Buffs gave up a 41 yard play. Usually a distance of over 20 yards means everyone except the dude who cleans Ralphie's dung is in coverage, yet the Buffs still let someone behind them.

PROPS: From the SG Crew when the announcers said Shawne Merriman eats "nails" for breakfast: "Eats nails? More like steriods and bisexual Vietnamese tramps."

PROPS: The SG is very stingy giving any dap to opposing players, but thank you NCAA for only letting players play for four years. Todd Reesing, KU QB is a player. He gets every ounce of ability out of his maller frame. People say he can't cut it in the NFL, but I'm skeptical. Dude has a major arm, scrambling ability and football smarts.

PROPS: Once again the Donks dominated in the 2nd Half, and once again the media talking heads sput off about adjustments. It may get played, but think of the logistics of halftime adjustments. Halftime is 12 minutes and half of the coaching staff is three levels away. The players need to get taped and looked at by medical staff. Some players are back on the field by the four minute remaining mark. For a rookie head coach and his staff to recitify the ails of the first half in this environment and literally dominate the 2nd halves of games is remarkable.

PROPS: Tony Scheffler on a safety isn't a great matchup, as the Donk TE is simply too long and athletic for them to cover. Witness his long catch and run on the final Donk TD drive. He pretty much bodied up San Diego's Weddle to make the catch and then used a simple spin move to get past him. If not starting from a dead stop, Scheffler most likely would've scored.

PROPS: Marquez Herrod was in KU's grill more than the KU Hoops team. Herrod had three sacks on the night and repeatedly forced KU runners into the teeth of the Buff d-line. So much so that the Jayhawks pretty much abandoned the run by the 2nd Half. The front seven held KU to under 10 yards rushing. It was nothing fancey, no stunts or complicated blitzes, just guys flying to the ball and staying with their assignments.

DROPS: Hey guy ten rows back of us: I didn't know that a Jayhawk was a "mythical bird," but after you yelled it about 1000 times throughout the evening, I know now.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thinking about half-time "adjustments" last night...after Royal's runbacks in the first half, the defense had to go right back on the field after long Charger scoring drives. They looked a little gassed at times and even then were only getting beaten down the middle by Gates and the backs, mostly. In the second half, when the Denver offense finally sustained some drives, the defense was able to get some rest and it looked like all the blitzing finally wore down the Bolts offensive line. Thought it was a great win though. Good to see Dawkins able to come back in the game.

Good to see the Buffs finally pull one out too. Even if the coverage in Arizona switched to the ASU game with 7 minutes to play during the Buffs game-winning drive. Bastards.

10:08 AM  
Anonymous George Pimpton said...

The broadcasters brought a good point about being gassed- that McDaniels worked these dudes ol skool style to get them in top condition.

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dare we starting thinking PapaJohns.com bowl?

10:48 AM  
Anonymous boulder creek tailgater said...

way too prestigious, gotta go with the TacoBellValueMeal Bowl

12:04 PM  
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