Saturday, April 25, 2009

Game Three Stung

-For all the missed FTs, bad quarter finishes, minimal big man play, and questionable officiating, the Nugs had a chance to win it twice in the last 10 seconds. After Melo's late steal, the Nugs wasted time advancing the ball. Perhaps they should've skipped the TO and gone for the win there. However, out of the TO, Melo had a key look, but missed on a pass to KMart. When James Posey missed a FT, Melo's half courter if two inches to the right would've swished through.

-Heroin bloke Sean Marks had a pretty decent game for the Hornets. Keep in mind, this is Sean Marks. Not Sean May, not Shawn Kemp, not Sean Elliot. Sean Marks. And he had a good game versus Nene, who gave the Nugs nothing all day.

-Chris Paul dribbles more than any player in the game. He dribbles in the paint, pulls back out, manuevers around dudes on the ground, dribbles while standing at the urinal. Plus, Byron Scott played him the whole damn game. If he wants to be full game dribble guy, the Nugs need to hack the shit out of him, get real physical, make him think twice about keeping the ball so much.

-George Karl could've made up for Nene's lack of inspired play by getting Chris Anderson in there more. Birdman gives the instant hustle and could've provided a paint presence than his Brazilian teammate.

-The Nugs need to work on their defensive switches. Too many times Paul was matched versus a big man or Anthony Carter finds himself covering David West.

-Free Throws? It's an easy culprit to point at when you miss more than 10. These are professionals, they don't need to be locked in a gym and told to shoot FTs.

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