Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hits to the Head

Got em mad and tremblin,
Cause I been up in my lab assemblin...
The draft nerds aficionados are in a tizzy with what will happen with the Donks' sudden interest in USC QB Mark Sanchez. Donk brass flew to LaLa Land yesterday to watch Sanchez toss footballs, run around orange cones, and jump from a standing postition (because this move is often employed during actual NFL games)
Head Coach Josh McDaniels missed the trip, not because he couldn't meet the airlines height requirement, but because he was suffering from a migraine. As MC Serch once said: "migraine, motherfuckin migraine."
Perhaps Minibelichick needs to be shown the Super Bowl XXXII highlights. That was a pretty big day in team history, right? Some guy, Tyler Davis, Terrell Davies or someone, also suffered from a migraine that day. He was pretty good and he gutted it out.
But Davis didn't have to endure the straight lunacy that Joshy Boy has been greeted with and also trying to work the tricky coffee maker in the Dove Valley break room.
It's a wonder that McHoody only is suffering from a migraine, as the drama he has endured the past few months could be worthy of a lobotomy. Plus, dude isn't exactly the most laid back guy. To say he's a bit serious and just a wee uptight would be an understatement. Instead of visiting the doctor to check his head, they should've checked his rear end, and found a former piece of coal that is now the Hope Diamond.
Someone get Josh some of that medicine that TD had in San Diego. Maybe fit him with some braces ala Davis too. Because if he's getting migraines ths early, he could have antlers growing out of his head by October.
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Anonymous Spotwood said...

I'm convinced the migraine thing is a smoke screen.

Denver wants Sanchez about as much as vist from the rectal thermometer.

I think it's just a typical Hoody type ploy to get the Redskins to overpay for him when he drops to 8th 0r 9th, giving Denver the freedom to draft the defenders they want.

Let's face it, the neckbeard is going to be our quarterback until next year when that dude from Western Michigan comes out.

9:56 AM  
Anonymous jbizridesaseatlessbike said...

I hope they get Sanchez so all you witty bloggers can use "Dirty Sanchez" all the time. hahahahahahahahaha, you funny.

10:25 AM  
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