Thursday, March 19, 2009

In Return For Cutler

Who give a fuck about who or they fancy crew
That's no mystery that Hardy Boys do with Nancy Drew…

It appears Jay Culter is on his way out of our fair state, so where should they send him? And what should they get in return?

-Washington Redskins-
Rumors of Cutler and LaRon Landry being swapped. Excuse me, I just hyperventilated a bit. Imagine that defensive backfield here in Denver? So much so, I can fight off the thought of Chris Simms as starter.

-Two And A Half Men- Cutler can be traded to the show to serve as that kid Angus Jones’ stunt double. Tell me they don't like like twins? In return, we receive Charlie Sheen’s sloppy seconds. Hellllllo, Denise Richards.

-Kansas City Chiefs- Fuck it, if you love Matt Cassel so much, sack up and trade them straight up. Oh wait, they aren’t interchangeable? Gee, no shit, McHoody? Throw in Len Dawson, Elvis Grbac, and Steve DeBerg and it is still isn’t even.

-LA Galaxy- Cutler loves him a goofy soccer player haircut, plus the Galaxy are short until Beckham returns from AC Milan. Yes, I know that…go ahead and smack me. We’ll take Mrs. Beckham and the other Spice Girls in return.

-Detroit Lions- Jay Cutler: career loser, meet Detroit Lions: the ‘L’ in loser. They could throw in Ford Field and Eric Hipple’s jockstrap and it still wouldn’t be enough for anyone on that squad.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's going to be Detroit's pick and a 3rd rounder I'd bet. Will happen either before they draft Stafford or after.

Pisses me off too, I hate Matthew Stafford.

I'd much rather get some defense for himand take a flyer on Josh Freeman somewhere in the draft.

12:31 AM  
Blogger @slushygutter said...

Have you checkd Kiper and McShay battle over Stafford on that ESPN clip? Hostility.

A good coach could make Freeman damn good. And McHoody thinks he's a good coach.

7:59 AM  
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