Friday, March 13, 2009

Slashing The 13th


--Nas- Made You Look (Remix)- (“Friday the 13th my CD drop, I rhyme to more Base than EZ Rock”)
--Black Star- Astronomy- (“Be unlucky for you like a black cat”)
--Geto Boys- Chuckie- (“Dead heads and frog legs. Mmm- cake mix! Friday the 13th”)
--Big Daddy Kane- Aint No Half Steppin- (“Your body, just because you try to be basin.
Friday the 13th, I’m a play Jason.”) VIDEO
--Emimen- 8 Mile- (“Or am I just another crab in the bucket, cause I ain't havin no luck with this little Rabbit so fuck it.”)
--Akinyele- The Bomb- (“I keep the mic like glass, because I slash thirsty rappers' ass on a Friday night without no hockey mask “)
--Naughty By Nature- Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Ghetto Bastard)- (“Or done, if not or bad luck, I would have none. Why did I have to live a life of such a bad one?”) VIDEO
--Redman- Cosmic Slop- (“I'm like an eclipse on a Friday, the 13th, with black cats and Haley's Comet, blazin blunts in my driveway”)
--2Pac f/ Kurupt- Got My Mind Made Up (“My thoughts rip ya throat and make it hard to breathe, ya whole camp's under seige, and I'm Jason Vorhees” [Kurupt])
--Xzibit- Jason
--Naughty By Nature- Wicked Bounce- (“And when I draw the line don't get in the way, I'm paper chasin, or I'll be cuttin you off like Friday the 13th and I'm Jason.”)
--3rd Bass- Gas Face- (“Black cat is bad luck, bad guys wear black, must’ve been a white guy who started all that”) VIDEO
--Elzhi- Talkin In My Sleep- (“'Cause that nigga chasin is lookin like Jason with his face in a mask.”)
--Jay-Z- Money, Cash, Hoes- (“Y'all rap now, fast money lets slow it up, ni**az try to stop Jay-Z to no luck”)
--Louis Logic- Visceral Literal (“Homegrown slasher flick, spill the blood of pacifists.)
--DMX f/ Method Man- Grand Finale- (“Watch them young guns that take none, nobody safe from. The Friday, the 13th, ghetto Jason.”[Method Man])
--Dr Dre- Lyrical Gangbang- (“Yo, I breaks em off, I breaks em off, chief. Deadly as Jason on Friday the 13th” [Kurupt])
--Nine- Any Emcee- (“…it's the nappy black cat with no hat”) VIDEO
--Wu Tang Clan- Triumph (“Hold the fuck up, I'll unfasten your wig, bad luck. I humiliate, separate the English from the Dutch.”) VIDEO
--Gravediggaz- Graveyard Chamber- (“'cause times is bad like luck, that's why I don't give a fuck.”)
--Cunninlynguists f/ Superstition- Filthy Nasty- (“Be damn if they as get it as long as I'm athletic. But with the bad luck I got seven years of bad credit.”)
--EPMD- Cummin At Cha- (“I found wack MC's camps and do em like Jason”)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo commish, i still got your St Paddys mix from last year. Big ups- check for ya @ the parade.

2:21 PM  
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