Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Talk to Melo's Mr. Hand

So to each and every crew,
You're clear like glass I can see right through

With Carmelo Anthony out for up to a month, who needs to step up on the Nugs? Let's go deep deep deep in depth:

-Rocky- We still think you are the best mascot in town, but some of your acts are tired. Yes, you do the Karate Kid move when you want to fight someone, you play your tail like a guitar to 'Welcome to the Jungle', you wear real long stilts. Step up your game, you wily mountain lion, or we're bringing in some purple dinosaur from down the street.

-JR Smith- The biggest no-brainer of the bunch,. JR has the chance to be the proverbial man in Melo's absence. That means good shot selection, commitment to defense and rebounding, getting rid of that ridiculous mohawk, and staying out of Coach Karl's doghouse.

-Kenyon Martin- Coach Karl recently said that K-Mart takes over the last five minutes of games. That's great, now let's extend that to the other 30 minutes he logs. With somewhat of a rebirth this year, K-Mart still has lapses where he seems completely disinterested in the game. Especially with the Western Confernece big boys coming in, he needs to remember his role, to rebound and get up in the ass of the oppostion super stars (read: McGrady, Tracy; Duncan, Tim)

-Lloyd from Centennial- More specifically, the entire Nugs' crowd. Attendance hasn't been worthy of the #2 team in the conference and when it is, it is typically a dry atmosphere. Time to get on your feet and be a true home court. You have the hometown star running the show and a cast of characters on the opposing teams that just cry for your derision. Yeah, you LLoyd, grab a cold one and cheer for those tattoo'ed fellows.

-George Karl- Time for George to earn his keep and get a bit creative with his play calling and rotation. Three guards at a time and really run it? Check. A grind it out lineup with Balkman, Birdman, and Nene? Check. Extended practice focusing on some back doors and new offensive wrinkles? Check. The Commish being pampered in the Nuggets' Dancers locker room? No? Damn, thought I could sneak that by.



Anonymous New Hip Hop Songs said...

Good words here

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Calvin Natty Light said...

lloyd from Centennial is my tax man no koke.

another key is staying out of foul trouble. Be aggressive, but not stoopid.

1:12 PM  
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