Monday, November 03, 2008

Miami Not So Nice

Say peace to cats who rock mack knowledge
Knowledgists, street astrologists
Light up the mic God, knowledge this...

PROPS and DROPS from the pair of offensive losses by the Buffs to Texas A&M and the Broncos to the Dolphins:

DROPS: The Colorado defensive backfield had their moments on Saturday, knocking away a few passes and covering well in the first half. However, on all threre TD passes, the DBs were completely outplayed. The A&M QB hung the ball up on the first touchdown, literally floating the ball to his receiver, while CU safety Rtyan Walter watched it come in like Ken Griffey playing a fly ball. However, he didn’t adjust his body and completely mistimed his jump. Similar bad techniques were employed on the other two 3rd quarter TD passes. This isn’t a case of the A&M offense scorching the Buffs, it was bad technique in coverage. A tweak here and there and two of those passes are interceptions, and that comes back to coaching.

DROPS: The Donk’s inability to run the ball lended itself to every offensive downfall in the game. A paltry 14 yards was all the team was able to put up, a number even the early-90s Houston Cougars scoff at. That forced to Jay Cutler to passing situations and a svelte 3 INTs. That also lead to the Dolphins manhandling Brandon Marshall, who took his role as mini-T.O. a step further by complaining after the game he wasn’t getting the ball. There seems to be no quick fix to the running woes, as the messiah Ryan Torian didn’t produce and Shanny seemed to forget Michael Pittman was running smooth before the bye week.

DROPS: The Buffs played with zero emotion on Saturday. They ran out of the tunnel and onto the field as if they were running in a Halloween 5k, not a Big 12 football game. The defense didn’t seem too excited, even when they came away with sacks or key stops there was little celebrating with eachother. The coaching staff too roamed the sideline without much energy. Texas papers reported that A&M coach Mike Sherman gave an impassioned halftime speech, and it appears Dan Hawkins took a nap at halftime. How this happened with a team that needed this win to get closer to a bowl bid is strange; is it indicative that the staff is losing the team’s ear?

DROPS: The NFL doesn’t do any favors to the Broncos, as they ship them out to play a Thursday game in Cleveland following a 2pm Sunday tilt. Why not just let them play today on Monday Night Football? However, given what we saw with the two week break, perhaps a three day layoff will be what the Donks need to get this putrid taste (and offense) out of their mouths.

DROPS: Top running back Rodney Stewart breaking his leg is definitely a hit for the Buffs ground game. He definitely had a scat back ability to run through smaller holes behind the patchwork o-line. And with this line, that is a big deal, as the holes sometimes aren’t there. However, this opens the door for Mr. Five Star, Darrel Scott to simply create his own holes. Scott had some fierce runs on Saturday and the extra carries will allow him to get more into the game’s rhythm.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pathetic football this weekend. Although I knew the ref karma was coming back to bite the Broncos at some point. That Marshall P.I. call was horrid at best.

And how about your Nugs trading for Dice and Chauncey. Looks like they are trying to reunite the old 90's glory years of 15 win seasons.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Commish thanks for those of us chumps who had to listen on the radio. the crowd even sounded non-existant. Hawk also has to pick a QB and stick with him the last three games.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are the props?

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PROPS- kung fu kick to Gaybiz's nads and running off with his My Lil Pony collection

1:51 PM  
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