Thursday, October 09, 2008

VH1's 10 Wack Selections

Last week VH1 debuted their series of the Top 100 Hip Hop Songs of All Time. As a whole, the series was well-done, with great insight and 'where are they now' updates from the artists. The selctions were certainly what one would expect.

If the SG was to attempt to compile its own list, I would probably only include 5-6 of their selections on it (90, 74, 73, 66, 59- pictured throughout this post).

About 85 of of the selections I would proably never include, but I can see why they would be included or at least listen to the argument. Maybe they were a big hit, the beginning/end of an era, they introduced a new MC, etc. For instance, #67- Mase "Feel So Good" is a lame song, but I can see the angle that this track was perhaps the pinnacle of the "shiny suit" era. Another piece of crap song is #38- Coolio "Gangsta's Paradise" that was just too much of a mega radio hit to be ignored.

Another 10 songs have no business whatsoever to be included. Check em:

57- Big Daddy Kane- “I Get the Job Done”- BDK is a top lyricist and deserves a spot in the rankings, but the Teddy Riley-produced New Jack Swingish “I Get the Job Done”? Even BDK himself acknowledges on his 3rd album that songs like this didn’t help his rep. REPLACE with: BDK’s “The Wrath of Kane” (Particulary the live version, when you can damn feel the crowd’s wildness when the first few beats drop and Kane just kills it.)

33- Bone Thugs-N-Harmony- “Tha Crossroads”- I get one mulligan on this list, and this is it. Quite frankly, I detest Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. I seriously rank them as one of the wackest rap groups in the genre’s history. This song is just horrible, regardless of the message, the radio-play, or the other Hip Hop luminaries who praise it. REPLACE with: Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones Part II" (This song isn't on the list. Really? One of the hardest jams of alltime gets a deserved spot.)

82- Chubb Rock- “Treat Em Right”- I like Chubb Rock and I like this track, it just why exactly is it on this list? This track can be lumped in with 50 other songs released in 1989-1990. Is it better than 3X Dope's "Funky Dividends" or D-Nice's "Call Me D-Nice"? REPLACE with: Gangstarr's "Just to Get a Rep." (Preemo and Guru need to be on this list and their debut street tale is the perfect tonic.)

25- The Fugees- “Killing Me Softly”- This is a truly ridiculously good remake. Lauren Hill just flows with her vocals, the snaring beat, and even Clef’s somewhat annoying “one-time” chants lend to a great track. Just one problem: it’s not a Hip Hop track! There’s no rapping in it, not even a bar or two at the end. REPLACE with: Pharohe Monch- “Simon Says” (Why not? This track brings it all- a club banger that kept the underground heads happy. Lauren and Clef are previously repped, so sorry Pras, everyone usually forgot about you anyway.)

23- Outkast- “B.O.B”- The ATL duo has been putting out crazy hits for two decades, and this would have to be considered one of their minor ones. The chaotic beat and scattered rapping is better suited for a laced-out club scene than for the homies on the block. Take your pick of any Outkast hits and switch it out! REPLACE with: Outkast’s “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik” (Their first hit and one could argue the track that started the Dirty South rap explosion)

75- Lil’ Kim ft Lil Cease- “Crush on You”
53- Lox ft DMX and Lil’ Kim: “Money, Power, Respect”
Couple these two songs with #32 “All About the Benjamins” and you have Lil’ Kim on three songs in the 100. When KRS-One and Rakim only have one track, and Kim has three, the red light goes on. REPLACE 75 with: Lil’ Kim’s “Queen B*tch” REPLACE 53 with: Black Moon's "How Many Emcees" (The ultimate in early 90's NYC Hip Hop and gave birth to the "backpack" term and style.)

93- N.E.R.D. ft Lee Harvey and Vida- “Lapdance”- I know about N.E.R.D., I know Pharrell, but I’ve never heard of the other two cats. In fact, I’ve never heard this song. Never. REPLACE with: Clipse- “Grindin” (Get another Pharrell track on there and the one that introduced Clipse and their style to the realm)

97- Eve- “Who’s that Girl”- Some modern day rhymes for the ladies (and fellas) preaching about ills, showing skills, and even touching on domestic violence. Yet, we already have a lot of this on the charts with Queen Latifah, Lauren Hill, MC Lyte, Yo-Yo, and even early female rappers JJ Fad and L’Trimm (both of their songs are truly awful songs, but I can live with reason on them.) That leaves Eve the odd woman out. REPLACE with: A Tribe Called Quest F/ Leaders of the New School- “Scenario” (Most heads would come to a consensus that this is the greatest posse cut ever)

52- Foxy Brown ft Jay-Z- “I’ll Be”- We already have Jay’s biggest hit in “Hard Knock Life” and already have the Foxy Brown angle covered with Lil Kim (for years the two were always mentioned in conjunction) so this lame radio hit overserves its purpose. REPLACE with: Lauren Hill’s “Lost Ones” (The lead track from her mega hit album The Miseducation of Lauren Hill displays some crafty lyrics as well as her singing the hook.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

there's already the shiny suit bullshit on "Benjamins"- can we just count that and get rid of Mase and add Too Short

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Nuff respect, Commish.

Didn't get to peep the whole show yet, but enjoyed what I saw. Agree that there were quite a few joints on there not in my top 100, but there were a few I hadn't thought of for a while that brought other overlooked joints to mind.

Have to say #1, PE's "Fight the Power," was right on point. Meaningful, political, dope rhymes, hype track, and "feelin' satisfaction from the street crowd reaction" in the video (as Guru would say).

Supposed to have a chance to see Chuck D speak next month. Would like to get a picture of me and him from '91 or so signed, if I can. Too bad most young cats get PE twisted by only knowing about Flav's current coonery.



3:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like turtles!

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I didn't catch the whole show but when I saw that Lil' Wayne didn't make it into the top 100

I was MAD........

It was redikulous.....

I mean cmon, with lyrics like:

"just like some clap on lights in this sh*t, I'll clappin all night with this b*tch"

Now that's some Grammy material. :)

Lil' Buck

9:46 AM  
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