Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No Wisdom for Melo

I pull women like a wisdom tooth
Without any conversation with Doctor Ruth...

It's Nugget's Eve here in CO, and the team's best player is sitting the season's first two games out as a result of the Ayatollah Stern suspending him. Rather than travel with the squad and try to get a feel for his new teammates, Carmelo will stay home in Denver and have a wisdom tooth removed. You know those two months between the Olympics and training camp just wouldn't work for minor dental procedures. Or the all-too-common late April end of the season? Maybe Melo's dentist was on vacation.

Wisdom tooth, not teeth. What happenned to the other three? Leave it to a Nugget to not be able to do anything in fours.

Melo can also plan on losing a few pounds from the procedure, which maybe a good thing. Maybe he should've had a few teeth removed in prior years and he'd be a slim, svelte, scoring machine. Teeth just slow you down anyway.

As someone who had wisdom teeth removed as an adult, it is is not a fun experience. The days of elementary school/junior high when your buddy got to stay home and eat ice cream are replaced by agonizing pain, wooziness, and a high only anti-pain drungs can provide. Then again, that's the way Nuggets fans have felt at the end of the last few years.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As another person who had wisdom teeth removed as an adult let me say this to Melo:

Runnnnnnnn Awaaaaaaaaaay!!!!

10:06 PM  
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