Monday, November 24, 2008

The Black Hole of Misery

I drop jewels like, paraphernalia
I'm infallible, not into failure
Like a rhinoceros, my speed is prosperous
And pure knowledge expands from my esophagus...

PROPS and DROPS from the Sunday's Bronco loss to the Raiders:

DROPS: Did Jay Cutler think he was playing Madden? One deep sideline pattern after another, with all underthrown, overthrown, and one drop by Eddie Royal (although that was slightly overthrown.) The deep pass to Royal in the Browns’ game must’ve wetted Cutler’s appetite, because the middle of the field was sorely missed. No passes to the running back over the line, none to the tight end, none to Brandon Stokley over the middle, as he was abusing DB Michael Huff.

PROPS: To Raider defensive back Nnamdi Asomugha, not only for being a pretty damn good DB, but because when Dick Enberg and Randy Cross said his name it sounded like South Park’s Awesome-O.

DROPS: Football is a game of momentum, and the beginning of the 3rd quarter illustrated that perfectly. After the horrendous first half, the Donks mount a classic six minute drive with a great run/pass mix, and score on a Peyton Hillis run. Momemtum to the Broncos, as everyone seemingly senses that one three-and-out by Oakland and the blowout is coming. However, JaMarcus Russell flings one 40 yards to Ashley Lelie, right over Dre Bly and the team scores a few plays later. Oakland re-takes the lead and in reality takes the game. Denver had their proverbial wind sucked from their sails. Worse off was Donk cast-off Lelie taunting the crowd.

PROPS: They never award the Rookie of the Year to an interior grunt, but Ryan Clady should get some serious shine. The rook OT absolutely crushed people in the game, including mauling a Raider DB on Hillis’ TD run. Cutler nary has to worry about being touched from Clady’s side and one would think that an elite back will flourish for years of running to his end.

DROPS: Jay Cutler needs to quit doing his best Tim Duncan impersonation after every incomplete pass and head back to the bench or huddle. Cutler shows flashes of brilliance and poise, then reverts to an immature player with a bad haircut.

DROPS: As horrible as the offense and defense (first Oakland TD in four games?), the special teams made it a trifecta. Thirteen point swing in the first half with the Raiders’ 89 yard punt return and two Matt Prater misses. The punt return was particulary disheartening as the returner was not only pinned deep, but was along the sideline, in effect creating an extra defender. On the kick, no more than five defenders were ever in the picture; they were taken out of their lanes by the Raiders. Prater simply over-corrected himself on the second kick. But the real question should be, what was the offense doing at the end of the half leading to the kick? They had ample time to get closer or take a shot, since they love the deep pass so much. Shanny calls a run by Cutler with 20 seconds and no timeouts?



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