Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Piston Honda'ed

When I was five years old I realized there was a road
At the end I will win lots of pots of gold...

The Nuggets coach called in sick last night. Apparently the Nuggets did in the 4th quarter too.

An ugly game that was still winnable suddenly became very losable in the final stanza, as the Nugs took a page out of “How To Play Like A Pee Wee Team” and lost their 3rd straight contest, dropping to hometown hero Chauncey Billups and the Pistons.

Flat footed on offense and defense, key missed free throws, the lack of defense for Detroit’s perimeter game, being out scrapped and worked on the low blocks. Every chapter, the Nugs checked it off.

Despite all that, JR “Shoot at all costs” Smith had a chance to tie the game in the last seconds by hitting three free throws. Swish. Clank. Clank. Game over.

Just a week ago all seemed to be clicking with the squad; Kenyon was being touted as being “back”, AI and Melo were slashing to the hoop, Marcus Camby was swatting more shots than a sorority girl in Cancun. The plane ride from Denver to the brief Midwest two game set must’ve sapped their collective basketball prowess. That or the whispers of the team being perturbed and upset management didn’t make a deadline deal are true.

Once again out of the playoff picture, the Nugs are looking at a murderous tough stretch in early March followed by an East Coast five game trip. The way the teams above them are playing, the Nugs looked locked into a battle with Golden State for the final playoff spot. Coach Karl mat be having more “stomach flu” hit him if he has to watch more basketball that has been on display of late. Pass the Pepto.



Blogger Hercules Rockefeller said...

Fuckin' JR Smith.

You know, in high school, our coach made us knock down 20 FT's in a row before we could walk out of the gym. Maybe Karl should institute some similar policy.

9:49 AM  
Anonymous calvin natty light said...

the side of the game that many missed was the just efficiency of the Pistons. 5 starters all at about 20 points. Theyre like the USSR Hockey team.

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Homonculus said...

Despite what the majority of the local media say, I honestly feel that the Nuggets dropped the ball by not trading for Artest. Can you honestly tell me that any team in the west would want to line up against AI/Melo/Camby/K-Mart/Artest?

2:42 PM  
Blogger Commish CH said...

^Herc- Did you catch Chauncey talking ish to JR too? Apparently Karl is at hom ein bed to make those policies.

^Calvin- DET is impressive in their teammwork, theyre like th ePatriots- check you ego at door.

^Hom- That looks pretty nice on paper. Also very volatile when you look at he pasts of all.

7:27 AM  
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