Monday, December 10, 2007

Refs Hate the Snow

You can take back all the things you give
But ya can't take back the days you live
Life is to some people who've been on earth
Livin' every single day for what it's worth...

PROPS and DROPS from this weekend's Bronco walloping of the Chiefs and a few wayward Buff notes:

PROPS: The entire Broncos team, from the offense to the defense, even the maligned special teams played like it was 1998 again. The Chiefs game was the most complete game of the year, maybe even since the midway point of last year. The Chiefs won’t mistake anyone for the Patriots, but hey still have studs like Larry Johnson, Jared Allen, and Tony Gonzalez. The defense shut down the Chiefs running game to the tune of a measly few yards. The offense ran straight at Allen, wearing him down and Selvin Young collected a hefty 150+ yards. Gonzalez still had a decent game, collecting a TD, but the Donk pass rush made it difficult for KC QB Brodie Croyle or Damon Huard or Elvis Grbac to complete anything.

DROPS: Brandon Marshall had another spectacular game, routinely running through the Chief defense like prune juice through your granddad. On his TD catch he was flagged for celebration for playing in the snow. Perhaps the refs don’t know that Marshall is a sun belt kid who really gets off on snow, or maybe when they were kids they were just pelted by snowballs and still harbor a hate for the white stuff. Whatever it is, lighten up zebras.

PROPS: In case you forgot just how damn good Champ Bailey was, yesterday reminded everyone. Champ became the “shut down” corner again versus KC. On his INT, the entire stands, teams, and cheerleaders knew he would pick it off as soon as it left Croyle’s hand. From that point on, his side of the field was not even an option as the defense shut them out.

DROPS: Everyone’s favorite weirdo punter, Todd Sauerbrun got into his pregame mode Friday night by roughing up some cab driver. Like many metro areas, most of Denver’s cab drivers are small, wirey East Africans. I’m not the Ferdie Pacheo fight doctor, but a six foot two inch, 215 pound, once roided up punter, is probably no match for a cab driver. Now, five or six of those dudes, they could take him.

PROPS: To CU linebacker Jordon Dizon, who lost out on the Butkus Award, but won the MVP of the team at the annual banquet. The staff hasn’t wasted any time trying to find his replacement, as they purged a Nebraska recruit, LB Shane Mohler and welcomed him into the fold.

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