Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ice-T Live

Out my face, fool I'm the illest,
Bulletproof, I die harder than Bruce Willis...

The What: Me and the beautiful Mrs Commish won some free tickets from the good folks at Basementalism to the Gothic Theater Ice-T show. This is a show I'd probably normally not go to, but who can argue with freebies?

Way Back: Last time I saw the Iceberg live was April of 1992 with my dunn Kid Ci$co (no, 'net haters he is a real person, not a douchebag.) It was at the Glenn Miller Ballroom up at CU, a couple months before the whole "Cop Killer" controversary really blew up. A younger Ice put on a great show of his Hip Hop hits and then essentially restarted the show with Body Count and did that entire album. What stands out to me was his closing lines back then, exhorting the crowd to chase their dreams: "You might be white, you want to rap, fuck it, buy a mic, write your rhymes, and get up here and bust my ass. You black, you want to surf? Damn right, go get yourself a board, because homeboy, I got mine."

The Crowd: This was the most eclectic and diverse Hip Hop show I've attended probably since PE and Anthrax in 1991. You had your underground heads like myself, gangbangers, pimps, the 1993 stoners were in full force, hipsters, hoochies, after-work guy, frat boys, heads speaking Japanese, and everyone in between. Age wise, there was alot of people in their 40s, a few in their 50s, and I kid you not, a smattering of people that were in their 60s. Holla, grandpa.

The Hits: Ice played all his big hits: "Colors", "New Jack Hustla", "O.G.", "I'm Your Pusher", and a disappointing single verse from the classic "6 N tha Morning."

Ice at 45+: Ice-T is still a very talented lyricist. As far as simply being able to understand his flow, even the songs I'd never heard, it was easy. Dude's diction, articulation, and voice are in great shape, and he doesn't mumble. His metaphors and punchlines are still on-point, and he can stilll freak it with the story telling about the street life.

Also Receiving Votes: Ice got into some songs I hadn't really heard in 15 years. "You Played Yourself", "Ziploc", "Girls LGBNAF", and a powerful performance of "The Tower." He did about four songs of his new material.

Evil E- Ice still rolls with the same DJ of 20 years, and homey can still catch wreck. He opened the show with the requisite "throwback" jams (is Method Man a "throwback" already?) He did some ill tricks and even scratched with his toungue, which he says is good also "for eating pussy"

Shots Fired: Ice railed on the "pussy-ass dance music" that "rappers" are putting out in the 07. The only artist he called out by name was Mims, for his laughable hit "This is Why Im Hot." On which Ice questioned how hard it was to write that garbage. In the end, Ice gave him his dap for knowing what to put out to get his.

Take it Back: Mid set, Ice and Evil E had an impromptu Hip Hop trivia session, asking questions about various 80s/90s artists. The Kid was well versed and nailed everyone. It did, however drag on a bit, as Evil played a verse from 8-10 artists being asked about.

Laughing at Yourself: Saying he's "too old for an encore" he asked everyone to just pretend he left the stage and then started to perform his last two songs. At an earlier point, Ice asked who had bought his new CD, then quickly answered his own question: "if you're cheering, you're lying." He directed everyone to his website to download it for free. "I don't need this rap money, I do it for all of y'all."

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Blogger travis said...

I got a buddy that works at the Sheridan Hotel on Hampton & I-25 and Ice was staying there. Said he was a pretty cool dude.

7:42 AM  
Anonymous poop de jour said...

Girls LGBNAF reminds of me when I was in high school, it was the only rap song that all the white heavy metal kids liked. they thought that and 2 Live's "We Want Pussy" was the coolest song ever, so I really hated it.

8:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

6 n tha mornin wuz my jam

8:58 AM  
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