Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Points

I get money, money I got
Stunts call me honey if they feel real hot...


***Dan Hawkins says that the Big 12 title is realistic for the Buffs, who are coming off a 2-10 season. Ah yes, and I have a realistic chance of convincing Angelina Jolie to paint my fence in a French Maid outfit. Unless Texas and Oklahoma are leaving the conference for the NFC South, the Buffs chances of winning the whole shebang is about as good as Tim Donaghy becoming NBA Man of the Year. Sorry Hawk, I love your optimism, but... it's the Big 12!

***The Dodgers roll into town for a four game set with the local nine in what could be the biggest series since Lance Painter pinch hit in the 1995 playoffs. 20th and Blake should be rocking as the Rox need to set their sights on taking this series. As laid out, splits and losing series won't cut it. It will be a tough road, as Brad Penney goes and he always seems to work the Rockies over. The Rox bullpen is rested as Aaron Cook threw an unheard of 74 pitches at 20th and Blake in a win versus the Fathers. Ryan Spillbourghs continues to turn heads, as he crushed another jack. Since "Spilly" was called up, the Rox have won twice as many as they've lost.

***Just when I was really starting to like 50 Cent's "I Get Money" song that is on blast right now (I'm a sucker for the Audio 2 sample), ol' Currrrrrtis comes out with some ol' bullsh*t in SPIN magazine. He rips into Hip Hop legend (yes, Im calling him a legend- three classic albums will give you that title) Ghostface Killah. I guess with Vitamin Water money now in his pocket, 50 doesn't really give a f*ck who he disses, what type of music he puts out, or bringing back New York. Oh damn, there goes that "Commish is a Punk" diss record from 50.
***The new Sean Price mixtape is out and in the words of Mitch Hedberg, "It's heavy, boyee." Peep the track "BCCC" and you'll know why Sean P is one of the illest cats in the game this summer. As for this being a "mixtape", I'm still confused. It looks like a album, sounds like an album, I have to buy it like an album.

***Busch announced that their cheddar is steady rising this past quarter. Well no sh*t; have you seen the numbers posted by a few of the SG Summer crew? A couple of them drink the poison known as Bud Light almost exclusively. Call your stockbroker: buy, buy, buy. Slushy Gutter: drink, drink, drink.

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Anonymous poop de jour said...

the bangin track on the Audio Two tape was I Dont Care. We used to rollerskate to that shit.

that album was kind of weak though, most of it was just filler and dang near every song was a Top Billin sample.

4:04 PM  
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