Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Triple Threat

Counterclockwise, I rise like the sun
Now feel the heat from the rays of the gun
Shooting out the mental mist
How you gonna know the real shit when your style's counterfeit…

Last night was one of those rare nights when us CO sports fans could watch three of our professional teams in action (except for the first few minutes of the Avs, where someone in Calgary tripped over a power cord.) It was also a rare night when all three teams actually won. What would’ve been even rarer? Maybe if all three teams actually played eachother due to some strange scheduling quirk.

The Rox overcame Byung Hyun Kim’s flashback to the 2001 Series and rallied behind two rookies, Chris Iannetta and Troy Tulowitzki (those two names together is a triple word score in Scrabble or they were the token white dudes on The White Shadow?) and beat the Snakes 4-3. Note to Arizona: nice red unis, I mean were we playing the Reds/Cards/Nationals?

The Avs faint playoff hopes remained as Super Joe and the boys beat the Calgary Flames 4-3. Most likely, they will miss the playoffs, which is a damn crying shame with the team perhaps the NHL’s best right now. Gives backup Jose Theodore time to bang more hotel heiresses. Yes, and it was the same score as the Rockies. Cosmic karma type stuff? No douche bag, one's baseball the other hockey. Duh.

Finally, the Nuggets capped off the night by beating Whiny Kobe and the Bryant-ettes out in La-La land. Adrian Dantley looked like a nervous wreck coaching in George Karl’s absence, but the team played well in the fourth quarter (despite horrible officiating) to remain in the WC 7th spot.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kobe is fast approaching the Spurs of eclipsing their "what foul" persona. Even breath on him wrong and he thinks it's a foul.

11:19 AM  
Blogger Hercules Rockefeller said...

No post on Buzzzzz taking over the CU job?

11:51 AM  
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