Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Red Gone Wild

The long faced murderer
Servin over two billion motherfuckers a day like Mickey D's circular
Workin a, shifty hour like a burgular…

In celebration of Redman’s new album release, Red Gone Wild, here are a few of my favorite Redman moments:

6. MTV Cribs. We all know the fluff, tackiness, champagne, and gaudy bed spreads that usually highlight this show. Redman invited us to his townhome complete with his cousin sleeping on the couch, the “dollar box,” and busted out screen doors.

5. From the classic Muddy Waters album, the bangin “It’s Like That” with K-Solo, it took about four views of the video before I realized what the two crazy MCs are wearing on their heads. Towels? Flags? No, those are t-shirts. In 1996, I thought that was cool and proceeded to rock the t-shirt on my head for the next two weeks. My roommates thought I was high, which I wasn’t, but probably drunk. (Trivia: name the track K-Solo misspells the word ‘bird’)

4. Dare Iz A Darkside isn’t just a classic album, but a unique album cover. It wasn’t until I was digging in the crates through old vinyl at a local thrift store and stumbled across Funkadelic’s 1971 Maggot Brain that I saw Red’s inspiration.

3. Red’s verse from the all-time posse cut, “Headbanger.” It could contain one of the most un-PC lines ever. Regardless, he takes over this track.

2. Redman and Method Man shilling for deodorant. Not since Shan and KRS pimped Sprite had two real MCs put it out there for the Man. I doubt if middle America realized they were buying their deodorant from a guy who once claimed “I puff so much green I bleed guacamole.”

1. During the 05 NBA All-Star Game here in the Mile High City, I got to check Red and Meth at a free BET show. Red rocked the throwback Kiki Vandeweghe jersey and brought his 5 year old son on stage. In between songs, Red was big upping our state, when he asked, “you know what I like most about Colorado?” He then went Vince Vaughn “ear muffs” on his kid and answered his own question: “you got that goooood sticky weeeeeed.”



Blogger Dallas Penn said...

Good shit! 'Red Gone Wild' was long overdue.

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Redman is the truth. No bling, no apologies, no whining. Funny as all hell too

8:41 AM  
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