Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Off to tha ATL

Braniac dumb-dumbs, bust the scientifical
Approach to the coarse and the force is centrifical
Can you find your way through the lyrics that be catchin em?
Throw another rhyme across the room, they be fetchin em

The Broncos finally pulled of the inevitable last night and traded their headache Ashlie Lelie. It is not known if Ashlie will receive a more manly name in the trade or even, perhaps, the “y” that most people named “Ashley” prefer to use. I bet that our former “Ashlie” is the only person with that name getting ready for an NFL camp rather than prepping for Fall rush at the sorority house. But we digress…

The Broncos, in a three way deal, will receive a 2007 3rd round draft choice for the former 1st round pick, while the Redskins receive bruiser TJ Duckett and Ashlie lands with Mike Vick in the ATL. A good deal on the surface, as the Donks get rid of their disgruntled WR. At this point theY might have taken a bag of moldy donuts for him.

However, in the long run, again Coach Shanny has failed in the NFL draft. His first round pick a few years back had a few average seasons, and he gets a 3rd rounder in exchange. Shanny and the draft have had their share of good picks (Clinton Portis and his hats, some guy named Terrell Davis) but more often than not, Shanny’s early picks are usually closer to selling cars at Rhett Bohmar’s dealership than Pro Bowl status.

With the third round picks they’ve had, the Broncos have drafted such notables as: Maurice Clarrett, Karl Paymah, Jeremy LeSueur (didn’t he play on the French soccer team?), Dorsett Davis (not to be twisted as Tony Dorsett and Andre Davis’ love child), Reggie Hayward, Chris Cole, Travis McGriff (again, not the former MLB player on those instructional videos), Chris Watson, someone named Mark Campbell, and Finch, Bird, Trumaine, and Peanut from Central High. It should be noted that Dan Neil and Brian Griese, both serviceable players were also drafted in the 3rd round. Good luck on finding that 10 year player Shanny.



Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

your tom emaski references are not lost on me...I always wanted to kick those kids' ass because they looked like such robots.

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"How did your folks let you get som fat?"

"He probably ate his folks"

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ci$co is a douchebag

10:03 AM  
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