Friday, August 04, 2006

Jeff Hates Wet Balls

Rap prime minister, some say sinister
Non-stopping the groove, until when it’s the
Climax, and I max, relax and chill
Have a break from a take of me acting ill...

Former Rockie and current Brewer Jeff Cirillo has joined the parade of MLBers whining about Coors Field this week. Cirillo cried how he thought the baseballs at 20th and Blake were “waterlogged” due to his lack of anything that resembled MLB hitting over the Rockies series win over the Brew Crew. Nevermind this is the same Jeff Cirillo who was brought in by the Rockies regime to be a corner infielder for years, and this was before the “waterlogged” baseballs were being tossed around. In his two years with the Purple, he batted .320, with 14 HRs, and 99 RBI per year. Decent numbers, but not exactly Troy Glaus in the pre-humidor era. Since then, he has bounced around from Seattle, to San Diego, and now back to the Brewers where he is currently coming off the bench. The only thing that is waterlogged is Jeff's career; he's one step closer to being the Milwaukee Chorizo rather than a Milwaukee Brewer. Just maybe, maybe, Coors pitching has improved drastically and after a decade the Rockies (and even some other teams) have figured out some of the intricacies of the park. The only soggy balls in this supposed drama are the sour ones Cirillo and the rest of the Coors haters carry.



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