Monday, August 07, 2006

528 Detox? Hardly.

Backspins for backspin, even while I'm rappin
Before I had a record, I always kept em clappin
Freestylin on the block, now I Chief Rock...

This weekend was to be a "slow" weekend in the SG Summer, but as events unfolded, it became a typical weekend. A 30th birfday party for my man Face on Saturday got things started on the proper. Sunday saw the Kid check out the Goats and their football tourney, then a reunion with a long lost relative who peppered us with marvelous stories of years past. Including one of a far-off relative back in the day who threw a disgruntled patron through a plate glass window of the local watering hole. Slushy Gutter indeed. (443)

Today is a great day here in CO, as football is in full swing. Our beloved Buffaloes start camp today, in what will hopefully end in December or January with a stellar year. An interesting article from the DP shows the CU coaching staff using a video game to help improve the QB play. Hmmm, CU football, video games? Throw in some smooooooooooth CLs and they can chill with the derelicts in our crew.

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