Thursday, August 25, 2011

No Apple For Tebow

King of my castle, causin much pain
You dumb shrimp wimps, it's you I tame...

Seems like everyone and everyone's mother, brother, barber, and local meter maid is bashing Tim Tebow right now. Each day bring some expert bashing the Donk QB (Boomer Esiason...really?) Who will surface next to bash Tebow?

--The guy who played Tim Allen's oldest son on "Home Improvement"

--Wandy Rodriguez, Astros Rockies Astros' pitcher

--Lil Wayne, who calls out Tim on some far flung mix tape ("throw champagne in the crowd like Tebow throws footballs")

--Mother Nature, whop voiced her displeasure with small earthquakes in Southern Colorado. When asked why not in Denver she said, "I was a bit off like Tebow's passes."

--La La, who said Tebow should request a trade to New York, not the Jets, but some lame reality show called "Tebow Takes Times Square." Of course she would be the female lead.

--Nevin Shapiro, who commented from his jail cell that Florida boosters couldn't even buy him cookies and milk.

-The guy in your Fantasy Football league who for some inane reason drafts him, but adds "he sucks, but he might get a few goal line carries. Championship!"

--Little League coaches now in Williamsport, PA. "If Tebow was on this team, he'd probably be our long inning reliever, or the Gatorade mixer," one commented.

--Retired Apple CEO Steve Jobs, "Tebow tried to work an iPad and he somehow downloaded a virus."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I talked to Michael Silver in an airport bar once. He was bombed out of his ass. I doubt they let him on the plane.

11:35 AM  
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