Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Orton Over

Hey the lockout it over! Football season is upon us in the Rocky Mountains and your Denver Broncos are the consensus pick to finish last in the AFC West!

First order of business? Trade your starting quarterback. Sounds like a good enough plan for a few reasons. One, Kyle Orton makes too much money on a team that woefully short on depth. For one Kyle Orton, you can get tree-four quality backups/special teamers. Or parlay that dough and drop beer prices by a few cents at Invesco? You decide fans!

Orton is also one of the few commodities the Donks have that other teams might want. He is a shade below a blue chip (purple chip?) in the NFL trading poker game. At this point the Donks will probably be happy to score a 3rd or even 4th round pick for him. But, by getting him on the proverbial block this early int he game, they could drive up the price for him ahead of the Eagles and Kevin Kolb.

Finally, and this could be the most underrated aspect of Orton's pending move, is that he wasn't that good of a teammate and/or leader last year. The lasting image could be of him sulking on the bench while Tim Tebow and the staff went over plays and personnel rubbed some in the organization wrong. His end of the year "reward" trip (hell, he took the offense on a trip for last year? If they would've won the Super Bowl would he have bought them each a small island) for the offense excluded one Tim Tebow. Basically, Mr Orton was a bitter dude. And how can anyone hate the Golden Boy, Tim Tebow.

A scant two years sandwhiched in between the Cutler Era and the Tebow(?) Era will be the Orton Era, remembered for ineffiecient 4th quarters, pouting, and incomplete beards. See ya, Kyle, the sun is Arizona is brutal.

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