Thursday, July 28, 2011

This Is Weird

For the sickness, that be spreadin with the quickness
Remedies, cause I be doin on my enemies...

You know how it is pretty weird when you run into someone that you have a checkered past with, or when you cross paths with someone you know a secret about? Like an old girlfriend, or the guy who you know is getting transferred, or the dude who got fired from your work for jerking off in the suplpy closet, or and old teacher who you knew was banging your friend's mom. Has to be that way at Dove Valley right now with Kyle Orton? What do you say to him when you cross paths with him? SG was there and caught some responses:

-"Hey Kyle, uhh, the neck beard was cool, but the clean look is way better. Good job!"

-"Dude, the last QB traded here got to hit it with one of those Laguna Beach chicks for awhile."

-"Yo Orton. (long pause) You think I can have all your Bronco gear for my cousin?"

-"Hey man, Reggie Bush is in Miami. Kardashian leftovers my man."

-"LeBron is in Miami and they love him dude. (under breath) And he can't do jack in the fourth quarter either."

"Oh hey, Kyle. (long pause) John Fox spelled backwards is Xof N Hoj! Heh heh..."

-"Kyle. My man. Uhhh. Man, I just saw Tebow spill a little bit of his water. What a dork."

-"Don't worry about it man. Elway? I went to his steakhouse and it sucked."

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