Monday, January 18, 2010

09 Rhyme: Top Colorado Beer Spots

Buds Bar- On the way to the Springs and got that appetite for some real burgers and that “drinketite” for a smooth bottled beer? Pull off the road at Sedalia to Bud’s Bar, where they have to greatest no-frills burgers in the metro area. No frills also describes the décor and clientele, but your “tites” will thank you.

El Camino- Denver’s Highland area has could be the poster child for gentrification, and while that may be bad in some eyes, it’s good if you get joints like the El Camino out of it. Summer is the time for this place, as the massive windows slide open and you can sip on a fine brew and watch yuppieville go by.

Crown Hill Tap House- Tightly tucked under a bowling alley across the way from the Crown Hill cemetery in Wheat Ridge you’ll find this redone gem. A nice renovation has opened the bar up with a fireplace, some ‘Friends’ style couches, and of course, ice cold beers. Live music and poker and plenty of beers on tap compliment the laid back attitude.

Hilltop Tavern- The forgotten sliver of Denver that resides around Regis University is home to this dive bar. 1960’s wood paneling, Natural Light on tap, and a sign limiting time on the pay phone greets all visitors. Play a game of pool in the hastily done up adjacent room and if you're hungry there’s a wide choice of expired chips and jerky.

C-Level- Sitting on a waterside bar, sipping a summer drink, watching the paddle boats go by while soaking the sun? Must be on some lake or tourist destination. Nope, it’s the C-Level Bar on Arvada’s eastern edge, perched atop Hidden Lake. The food isn’t half bad either, and there are plenty of TVs to catch those lazy Sunday Rockies games.

Waterloo- Downtown Louisville has its fair of eateries and bars to choose from, but the Waterloo along the main drag isn’t one to miss. In the summer get there and score one of the sidewalk tables and enjoy their sandwiches or burgers. Plenty of fine crafted beers on tap and if live music is your thing, this is one of Boulder County’s finest small venues.

Hoke’s- Nothing beats real, down home BBQ, except real BBQ and an icy cold beer. Located in a non-descript strip mall in Arvada near Stanley Lake, Hokes has some of the best Cajun BBQ shrimp a land locked state has to offer. $2 beers set it off, and if you show up during a NASCAR race expect a fuller house, including a miniature toy car tack.

Falling Rock Tap House- This LoDo establishment always seem to capture the main stream press’ ‘Best Of’ honors, and it finally makes an SG appearance. Known for their massive array of fine brews that changes weekly, you instantly feel miles away from the frequent douchebaggery element that runs amok downtown.

Beau Jo’s- I’m aware that there are many of these Colorado Style pizza joints around the state, but still nothing beats the original Idaho Springs’ location. Making a stop in the winter, you get an eyeful of the après ski crown, without the snooty tourist attitudes you find up on the slopes. And yes, the pizza with its mountain crust doused with honey is still the main draw, along with a nice winter brew.

For the Commish, he was able to enjoy a lazy Holiday Saturday chilling at Beau Jo’s with his two favorite girls- Mrs. Commish and our beautiful baby girl. Anywhere I get to go with those two is instantly my favorite place in this great state of Colorado or the entire world. As I try to impress on the SG every year, these type of places are more than just a list of buildings or good eats. They all hold some memory of good times, good stories, and most importantly…good people. Big ups to the SG massive for a healthy and great 2010!

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Anonymous cholly tooona said...

"the frequent douchebaggery element" LOL!

Stopped at Hokes one random afternoon up north and it was delish. Thanks COmmish!

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every why has a wherefore.........................................

2:13 AM  
Anonymous Mrs Commish said...

Thanks, baby. You're our favorite, too :)

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Krulls sword said...

Gaybiz still favors La Boheme when they are serving chilly mojitoes and spritzers. He luvs to wear his fancy high heels.

2:28 PM  
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