Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Curses to them damn Donk Fans!

Raise up, cause you can't have it back
You said - "I ain't never got gaffled like that"

Meanwhile in the secret lair at Dove Valley...

JOSH MCDANIELS: Yes, Boss, we are chipping away at the very core of Broncomania!

PAT BOWLEN: Ha ha ha, my young minion, we are indeed, we are indeed. Silly low brow fools!

JMCD: The local basketball team captured their attention, then the team up in that pesky LoDo goes all streaky...

PAT: ...and what do we do? Try to get some positive news to feed the almost undying love for our team?

JMCD: Have more drama with our best player!

PAT: Ha ha ha ha! Bring me a fluffy cat to stroke! No cat? How about that Lombardi Trophy!

JMCD: First we trade our best offensive player after a stalemate that made Kindergartners look like adults...

PAT: ... now we wil unload our next best offensive player.

JMCD: And yet they eat it up! Super Bowls begone!

PAT: Don't forget your evil non-sensical Draft plan! Drafting players all helter skelter. Like there is no plan or direction!

JMCD: Uh, Vic Lombardi: news flash! There wasn't!

PAT: Ha ha ha ha ha! Maybe I should tear down the Ring of Fame! Call Haven Moses a pansy? Change the team color to black? Replace that silly white horse with a purple frog?

JMCD: No master, I have a better idea. Let's cut our best defensive player.

PAT: Who, that Roland fellow? I don't know my evil underling. He is pretty good and he keeps his nose clean. Perhaps we should just make him angry.

JMCD: Cut his brother!

PAT: Brilliant my pretty, brilliant!

JMCD: I must leave now master, I'm assigning the number seven jersey to Chris Simms!

PAT: Make it so, make it so.



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