Thursday, June 11, 2009

Craig G: Skinny Jeans Funeral

I project my voice so it's right in the crowd,
There's a sign at the door: no bitin' allowed...

Another day, more hating on current 2009 Hip Hop trends...

This time it's Hip Hop fashion. Frankly, I could give a crap what a rapper wears. He could rock a rainbow afro wig and a dracula cape, as long as he can flow, who cares? Hell, Andre 3000 looks like a cross between The Road Warrior and Strawberry Shortcake and he's probably a Top Five MC. Ol Dirty Bastard would prance around in a gully-ass pair of boxers and he would turn it out. Even icon Chuck D rocked his trademarked "black Wranglers" that looked more like a pair of a seven year old's Toughskins.

Enter the newest track by Craig G, "Skinny Jeans Funeral" which puts the current trend of the tight fighting denim on blast. Granted, Craig hasn't been too relevant in the game since he was rocking the wild west look in "The Symphony" but he widely regarded in the underground as one of the finest freestyle/battle rappers. Peep his battles versus Supernatural: you must learn.

"Skinny Jeans Funeral" compares the namesake to "scuba gear" and puts the cats rocking it on full blast. Now if we can get tracks about the big thick white belts alot of dudes wear with them, the term "swag", and Ed Hardy shirts, we are onto an official Hip Hop trend. Then the cycle will eventually come full circle and there'll be tracks on how hating on shit is wack.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

dont forget scarfs. Rappers wearing scarfs. Are you guys freaking rappers or Palestian youths?

12:35 PM  
Anonymous joozy the flying walrus said...

wtf the Nuggets get eliminated and a rap blog breaks out.

3:25 PM  
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