Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Jay-Z Anti-Autotune Manifesto

It ain't no pop cause that sucks
And you can New Jack Swiiiiiiing on my nuts...
One of the greatest aspects of Hip Hop is that artists will just drop a single from time to time straight out of the blue. No album to promote, no mixtape, no BS. That happenned this past weekend with Jay-Z and his newest joint "D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)"
What has already been said by countless MCs (Bishop Lamont, KRS-One and Buckshot) is finally being put down by one of the biggest commercial rappers in the game, which unlike his more underground counterparts, has already garnered much attention.
Rightfully so, as he goes hard at the nauseating slew of autotuned songs polluting the Hip Hop realm. "You ni**as singin' too much, get back to rap you T-Pain’n too much." Music to true Hip Hoppers' ears.
The beat (No ID and ironically Kanye West) offers a concotion of 90s boom bap and the live band sound with guitar licks and horn bumps. He ain't striving for a top 40 hit here, he's looking to put these lame suckas on blast.
Already some of the autotune "rappers" already got their feelings hurt, calling Jay "old" and the like, and vowing retribution*. Ooooooh, the big bad autotune dudes are gonna get me! Somehow, the guy who weathered "Ether" probably isn't too afraid of cats semi-singing some ish about him. No word if Peter Frampton or Cher will join the fray.
*RELATED- old timers may remember a beef reminiscent of this years back when A Tribe Called Quest dissed New Jack Swing on "Jazz (We Got)" and Wreckx N Effect got all bent out of shape.)



Anonymous Mrs. Commish said...

'This ain't for sing alongs'


1:12 PM  
Anonymous poop de jour said...

Two turntables and a mike. That's hip hop. Take that Mr Microphone shit to a European dance club with the Techno Twins.

9:17 AM  
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