Friday, May 22, 2009

Staples Removers

I hear a beat I grab the mic, and then I start this workin
The kids around the way used to think that I was buggin...

The Nuggets came back from an early deficit to even the Western Conference Finals at one game apiece after a 106-103 victory...
-All those douchebags who said Linas Kleiza after Game One should be eating a big bowl of Lithuanian stew this morning, as he came through with a game saving performance. The Nugs were on the verge of what looked like a blowout when he entered the game and it became a complete turnaround. LK wasn't only knocking down treys, he was barely moving the cords with smooth shots and fluid play. Add in eight rebounds and deft ball movement and LK is your hero, playing the most complete game by a bench player perhaps of the playoffs.
-Dahntay Jones just sat down in his airplane seat and when he leaned his seat back he was whistled for a foul.
-Old schoolers knew the history when Chauncey bounced that ball off Kobe Bryant at the end of the half to score an easy two, as he did the same thing in the state championship game in 1994. Albeit then he soared and dunked the ball home with a sweet fade back then. And he did it versus some dude who's probably selling insurance now rather than versus Kobe Bryant. Maybe Kobe should seek that dude out and they can find a bond.
-George Karl shortened his bench even more going into Game Two, as Anthony Carter played a mere six minutes. After his Game One throwaway, this might be good move to just settle him down. Karl rode the starters more than usual, as Melo was completely gassed at game's end. His pair of two guards having seven fouls between them forced his hand into playing extended minutes.
-Melo is finding his groove guarding Kobe Bryant, fronting him, bumping him and keeping up with terrific footwork. Kobe almost looks a bit cautious about driving into the lane versus Melo, giving up the major weight to him. Witness the last few minutes of the game when Kobe didn't venture much into the paint.
-Birdman, Nene, and KMart didn't light up the boxscore, but the little things they did counted to the win. Nene had the key play of the game, stealing the ball off a jump ball at the Lakers' end within the last minute. KMart's offense is what kept the Nuggets' remotely close in the first quarter, and this is all with a broken finger.

D-Nice -
"25 Ta Life" - "Although I'm hot like stew, in the back of my mind it was a bottle of brew..."



Anonymous Spotwood said...

Thankfully Dick Bavetta was there to counteract Javie's anti-Nugget agenda, and actually let the Nuggets play the game.

Good win, they need to keep it going here though, as the Lakers are easily capable of stealing one back on the road.

1:55 PM  
Blogger @slushygutter said...

I was thinking the same thing Spotwood. The only issue I have with Bavetta is he thinks he's a freaking umpire! Call the foul, no showmanship!

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Joozy the Flying Walrus said...

my cousin served Dick Bavetta at a White Castle once. Said dude gave him an extra $5 just for being polite.

Then he sucked face with Chuck Barkley in a booth. chah cha cha chah haaaaah

8:44 AM  
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