Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mr Melo, Mr Clutch

So bad, stabbin up the pad with the vocab, crab
I scream on ya ass like your dad...

The Nuggets went into Dallas and came up with a dramatic last second win to get a 3-0 series lead:

-Predictably, the talk of the game was of the intentional foul that was or wasn't. A couple things about that sequence: first, the play was directly in front of the Mavs' bench. Dallas has more assistants than the Cowboys, plus seven plus players within three feet of Carmelo and Antoine Wright. Why weren't any of them in the refs' ear the whole play? Yelling "foul!" Reacting with flailing arms and Earl Weaver-esque antices? And when the "foul" was committed, not a one of them were pointing, yelling at the ref? Rick Carrey Carlisle probably could've told the ref before the play, "we're going to foul him with our foul to give." Then the ref would've been more prone to watch and call the infraction.

Second, Wright should've legit fouled the guy. Not some namby play at the ball, but just wrap him up with a bear hug. You see it all the time when teams are looking to stop the clock, and they never veer into flagrant territory.

-The refs set the tone early, perhaps due to tiring of hearing of how physical the series was, by calling fouls for the tiniest hacks. The Nugs entered into the bonus and foul trouble early. George Karl was forced to go against his rotation and sit the energy guy Birdman (who was stellar in his first five minute stint) and bring in some pine riders. Linas Kleiza's game was a big zero in the box score, but he was pure hustle and defense the whole 13 minutes he played. Witness his three assists and extra passes he made to set up assists. Even Johan Petro had a workable two minutes late in the first half to ensure none of the big men picked up another foul.

-The NBA issuing a statement after the game acknowledging a foul should've been called was horsebleep. What about the scores of other non-calls and calls in the game? Should there be a statement for each one of those? Check Josh Howard scooping up a ball on the ground in the last two minutes. Howard is on the ground and Melo also grabs the ball and is whistled for a foul. How do you foul someone on the ground? Is there a statement that Jason Kidd should be called for an offensive hooking foul each time he backs Chauncey into the lane? Leagues shouldn't issue statements in judgement situations, it wreaks of caving into media and fan panic.

-K-Mart's defense on Dirk's last shot was textbook. Held his ground and didn't allow him past the free throw line. Was active with his hands and didn't allow any hand checking by Dirk. When he shot it (too early on the clock as well) K-Mart leaned into Dirk without contact and still got a hand into his face.

-Storm the court like a soccer team after the game? Act like you've had a call go against you before Mavericks. Josh Howard looked like a six year old out there, and his owner was in the same vein. Pushing a cameraman ala Kenny Rogers (pitcher, not Gambler) and getting into it with K-Mart's mother won't get you back on Dancing With The Stars.

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Anonymous Spotwood said...

The other thing that confuses me is why did Wright back away and throw his hands up in the air, that's like a universal NBA gesture for "I didn't foul that guy".

It's sad that a win earned when the Nuggets pretty much played like garbage the entire game is now going to be tainted. Sometimes I really detest the NBA.

Of course, we'll probably be having this conversation again in the next round because I can guarantee you that the Mamba is going to have at least one game where he gets 25 FT attempts in the game. Pisses me off just thinking about it now.

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Calvin Natty Light said...

At least two assistants on the bench had the "no foul" hands up look too.

Apparently the Mav players didn't ever listen to their youth league coaches. Play until you hear the whistle.

12:31 PM  
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